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Friday, March 12, 2021

Market Watch - 2021.02. Market is HOT


In February, 11,000 homes were resold, representing an increase of more than 50% from 2020 before the pandemic.

二月份 TRREB 錄得差不多11,000樓宇轉讓,比去年同期(疫情之前)多超過一半以上。

The average home resale price surpassed the one-million-dollar mark at $1,045,488, a nearly 15% rise from a year ago.

同時, 平均樓房售價首次超越百萬大關達到接近$105萬, 一年升幅15%。隨着疫情好轉和房屋供應緊張,預料多倫多樓房價值會持續上揚。

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