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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Market Watch - 2020.08. Hot Market!

August was HOT!

#TRREB just released August #RealEstate market data.  There were 10,775 property #resale with an average sale price of $951,404 in August.  This represents a surge of volume by 40+% and 20+% by price.

Although there have been more #listings, #buyers have left the sideline as #Toronto gradually opens up from the lockdown.  #Sellers, this is a good opportunity to take your property to the market.  #Buyers, more than ever, we will need a professional real estate team to help you find your ideal place and to negotiate a favourable deal.



近1萬8千個物業(大部分低密度樓房)買賣易手,平均售價為$95萬1。 對比去年同期,成交量增加超過四成,價格上升兩成。

雖然掛牌出售盤明顯增加,準買家趁機疫情好轉返回市場尋找安樂居所。 有意賣房的朋友,這是出售好時機。 找美滿家居的朋友,你需要資深地産顅問找合適樓盤,替你爭取靚樓、傾個好deal


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