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Friday, September 11, 2020

CanFin - 多倫多萬錦邊區住宅最熱門 / Markham Properties are Popular

過多星期前, post了在 ”#住加財經” 簡介 #列治文山 樓房。  考慮在 #大多倫多 置業的朋友,尤其是有小朋友的家庭,建議包括 #萬錦 入搜索範圍。  何解? 皆因生活配套便利校網吸引地段物業需求大 - 價值承托穩。  


Earlier this month, we posted our brief intro to on #RichmondHill #RealEstate on #CanFin #YouTubeChannel.  For folks who look for a home in #TorontoArea, especially those with school children, to include the City of #Markham in your search.

Why? The answers are simple: Convenience, Good Schools and Continuous Demands

Need assistance in your home buying process, contact us.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Dream Home

Spending over 6 months living and working mostly at home, many of us reckoned how essential a #HOME is.  It is more than a shelter, it is a sanctuary where we feel secure, at ease and empowering.

Therefore, investing in one's own home not only providyourself and loved ones with a good environment to grow and flourish but also a good sound mid/long-term investment.

Let us know your #RealEstateDream, we will help you to

經過六個月大部份時間在家裏生活和工作,我們深深了解一個居所的重要。  這是我們庇護的空間 - 给予我們保障、令人感覺自如、使我們得力。

所以,投資在安樂窩, 不單是供應自己和心愛的人一個優悦的環境促進一家身心成長, 更是一個穏建實在的中長綫投資。

追求一個理想家居的你,歡迎聯絡我們團隊,我們務必助你尋找你的 #DreamHome.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Unlock Your Real Estate Dream

Moving to a catchment area of the target school for your children?  Upsizing your home to provide your growing family with additional space?  Wanting to enjoy a ravine view and more privacy?  Downsizing for a convenient urban lifestyle?  Diversifying investment to capture low-risk long-term value appreciation opportunities...?

No matter what your real estate aspirations may be, our team can assist you to fulfill your dreams.

搬遷進入心儀校網地段? 擴展家庭需要更多空間? 嚮往園林景色以及更多私隱?  上樓享受方便現代家居生活? 管理風險投資潻增中遠期低風險衍生工具...?


Thursday, September 3, 2020

Market Watch - 2020.08. Hot Market!

August was HOT!

#TRREB just released August #RealEstate market data.  There were 10,775 property #resale with an average sale price of $951,404 in August.  This represents a surge of volume by 40+% and 20+% by price.

Although there have been more #listings, #buyers have left the sideline as #Toronto gradually opens up from the lockdown.  #Sellers, this is a good opportunity to take your property to the market.  #Buyers, more than ever, we will need a professional real estate team to help you find your ideal place and to negotiate a favourable deal.



近1萬8千個物業(大部分低密度樓房)買賣易手,平均售價為$95萬1。 對比去年同期,成交量增加超過四成,價格上升兩成。

雖然掛牌出售盤明顯增加,準買家趁機疫情好轉返回市場尋找安樂居所。 有意賣房的朋友,這是出售好時機。 找美滿家居的朋友,你需要資深地産顅問找合適樓盤,替你爭取靚樓、傾個好deal


Wednesday, September 2, 2020

CanFin - 多倫多搵樓點解揀Richmond Hill / Why Buy Richmond Hill Properties?

打算回流或移民大多的朋友,大部分必然考慮在列治文山(Richmond Hill)買樓,落地生根,安居樂業。 點解? 在這 "住財經" 環節,和Sam簡單介绍 Richmond Hill 生活的吸引之處。

仍有問題? 歡迎顯過 Facebook, Whatsapp, 電郵聯絡。 我和團隊樂意協助你和家人作出這重要一步。  話囇,我們都是過來人,深同感受。

For those who plan to return or immigrate for the first time to the Toronto area to live, Richmond Hill is definitely one of the favourite areas.  Why?  At this CanFin session, I briefly talked about the attractiveness to live in Richmond Hill.

Need to know more?  Email, FB message, whatsapp me (our team).  We will gladly guide.  We have been in the same boat and understand your situation.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September is Here

September is here.  It is time to go back to school and time to wind down summer.  Time to kickstart again even though this year is like no other September before.

Wishing all good health, spirit and energy to face the new cycle ahead.

已經九月了! 夏假結束,新學年、新季度將開始, 大家一齊重新上路。