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Friday, May 22, 2020

CanMen--Oversea Purchase / 隔山買牛(買樓)

#移民加拿大, 需要 #隔山買牛 (#買樓), 點算好? 首先, #StayCalm. (哈哈,看我們苦口婆心、循循善誘 Wingo) 

可以看看參考 住加男人-CanMen 這一video .



Friday night, let's share something funny.

Fanny and CanMen's Wingo filmed a video checking out 2 downtown condos. It is intended for those who plan to purchase a Toronto property oversea prior to their move to here.

We cannot help but laugh at this dramatic segment.

It is great that we can mix work and fun together.

Complete video / 全片.

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