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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Our Stories

Most of you know us as #realtors. 
 #DoYouKnow we had established careers prior to returning to settle in Canada?

In my case, I worked years in the financial trading industry in #HongKong.  We chatted about that experience on 住加男人's CanFin Channel the past Sunday.  

If interested, give it a listen, a "Like" and subscribe.  Let me know if there are topics you like us to cover, we may discuss in future episodes.

Here is a playlist of recent guest host appearances.

大家都知道我們從事物業代理, 但你們知道我們在回流之前在香港有别的專業?

在我個人例子,在金融交易行業打混好一段日子。 在上星期日,在 住家財經 談談一些當年經驗見聞。

有興趣的,可按link收看。  喜歡的,给讚、訂閱,支持"住加"頻道。 若有想討論的题目,私訊提交。

更多近期 嘉賓主持appearances.

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