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Monday, April 6, 2020

CanMen 住加男人 & CanFin 住加財經 2020.04.05

First #CanMen, then #CanWomen and now #CanFin!  

Congratulations to the CanMen group for opening a new channel addressing the financial interests of the community.  It was a great honour to be one of the first guest hosts joining Sam and Wingo.  Of course, we chatted about #Toronto #RealEstate.

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首先, "住加男人"; 接着, "住加女人"; 最新, "住加財經"!  恭喜恭喜 "住加"一族, 增添新的財經頻道。  對投資感興趣的朋友, 實屬是個好消息。  更多謝 Sam 和 Wingo 邀請參與主持節目, 暢談 #多倫多 #地產 行情。

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