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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Welcome, Oversea Buyers

Congratulations to our #HongKong buyers' purchase a wonderful #preconstruction home. The buyers, the builder and we signed over teleconferencing.

It surely illustrates: 
"If there's a will, there's a way. "
This will fit well with their #immigration plan. Happy for them.

If you intend to purchase a Toronto property oversea, we can help. We'll guide you, negotiate for you and working with your schedule.

透過遙距視像,協助客戶和發展商簽定#樓花 #買賣合約
衷心恭賀客戶購入#理想家居,配合他們 #移民 大計。

有意購買多倫多 #樓房地產 物業的朋友,我們團隊會:

- 指引你經過整個買賣程序;
- 代表你爭取最好條件;
- 配合你的時間表,安排妥當。


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