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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Getting It Done / 搞定 - PURCHASED @ Thornhill Tower, Markham

Our client family plans to return and settle in Canada within 2 years.  Their requirements?  a) Convenient, b) Close to family and c) Near a good high school.  

Even though they are in Hong Kong, we are here.  We talk, whatsapp, facetime, email regularly.  Finally, we found them the perfect home - a Thornhill Tower suite - at Leslie St. / Highway 7 near everything and within St. Robert C.H.S. area. 

They just flew from Hong Kong this CNY not only to visit the family but also to take possession of their new Canadian home.  What a great way to start a new year!  Congratulation!

恭喜恭喜! 新年新居新展望!

這家客戶打算在這一兩年從香港回流多倫多長住。  透過友人介紹安排,聯絡我們。 他們擇屋條件包括: a) 出入方便; b) 近家人, 有照應; c) 位於好校網內。  

雖然, 我們身處兩地, 透過電話, whatsapp, facetime, 電郵, 也能遙遠”睇樓”。  經過大家幾個月的努力, 終於找到理想安樂居 -  Thornhill Tower (Leslie / Hwy 7) 一個合適單位。  地點超方便, 又近親戚朋友, 還是在名校 St. Robert C.H.S. 校區。

上星期他們飛來多倫多過年同時取鎖匙迎新居。  真高興喜洋洋!

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