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Sunday, December 9, 2018

TREB Resale Market Watch Nov. 2018

Let's look at TREB November resale numbers.  多倫多地產商會11月市場數據覧閲

* Breaking a 5 month streak (since Jun. '18) of Year-to-Year monthly sales growth, there were 6,251 resales in TREB area, -15% from '17 Nov.  After seasonally adjustment, Nov. sales was at -3% from Oct. '18.  自6月, 市場交易連續5個月增長(比較去年同期)後,11月錄得6,251宗重售買賣,比'17年11少15%。 另外,對比10月季調後售量減3%。

* Average selling price was $788,345, a +4% from Nov. '17. However, it was -1% compared to Oct. price (seasonally adjusted).  11月重售平均價為$78萬8,比去年11月升4%,但較季調後10價微減1%。

* 10,534 new listings were entered into MLS, -26% from '17 Nov.  There were total of 16,420 active listings, -10% from 12 months ago.  11月有10,534新重售盤上市,較去年少26%。 市場存貨只得 16,420間,比'17年11月少一成。

While the market slowed down in November, we have been busy getting our Sellers' properties sold every week.  If you are looking for realtors to present you effectively and wholeheartedly,  Contact us.

雖然市場活動減少,但我們忙個不停,每週售出客戶物業。  若你正物色地產代理有效地、全心全意地買賣物業,馬上聯絡,樂意效勞

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