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Monday, November 19, 2018

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Wismer, Markham - 2018.11.19

A heart-felt congratulations to our Wismer seller client.  With his trust, cooperation and decisiveness, together we sold his property quickly and at an above asking price.

衷心恭喜我們萬錦市Wismer區的賣家客戶!  多得他們的信任, 充分合作, 果斷的決定, 很快就以高出叫價賣出物業。

Having seen us sold 2 houses in the neighbourhood within a later summer month, he asked us for a free evaluation.  We gladly provided the market analysis and suggestions to make the property more appealing.  He decided to appoint us and prepared the house.  We set up the a multi-phrase strategy prior to listing.  And, things worked out just as planned.

其實, 在夏季未, 他見我們在一個月內售出附近兩間屋, 決定邀請我們給他免費估價。 我們當然樂意為他作市場分析, 提供一些放盤準備提議。 他很快決定委任我們代理, 並且馬上預備物業。  在掛盤前, 我們達成共識多階段策略。  結果, 按照計劃, 成功售出。 

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