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Friday, November 16, 2018

From Our Readers / 擁躉來訊 - 2018.11.16

We are very blessed to have clients / friends / readers who are appreciative, understanding and fun.  Through #SocialMedia or #PersonalMessage, they cheer for, share with, encourage, tip us.  After the first real snowfall this season, our marketing savvy client couple sent  us a photo of our signage with suggested copy.  Love to share with all.

團隊有幸得到不少明事、好玩客戶/友人/讀者 欣賞支持。  久不久, 透過傳媒網絡或私訊, 他們為我們打氣, 給我們市場情報, 又或者跟我們分享、說笑… 等等。 經過昨晚大雪, 今早一對marketing了得的客戶發給我們照片和可用copy。 很有意思, 在此和大家share.

from Clients/Friends G&N, Richmond Hill

( Photo taken by G&N @ Jefferson, Richmond Hill )


"Be it rain or shine, thunder storm or blizzard,  Fanny & The Team will serve you tirelessly." (translated by The Team)

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