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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

BAKER HILL Townhomes, Stouffville, Whitchurch-Stouffville

Today, we attended #IHMG's #BakerHill Townhomes Broker Launch event.  The product is very compelling.  We quickly inspected the site on #MainStreetStouffville.  We compiled a video with 2 location clips, site plan and indicative pricing (back-to-back towns start from only $599,900).  

今天出席 "超值" 在 Stouffville大道 鎮屋樓花 BAKER HILL Townhomes, 馬上到樓盤真正地點視察, 並攝錄兩段現場短片, 以供參考。

Project: BAKER HILL Townhomes

Developer: NORSTAR

Location: Baker Hill Blvd. / Main Street Stouffville

Target Occupancy: Dec. 2020

>>> Back to Back Towns: from $599,900
>>> Main Street Towns: from $679,900

>>> Classic Towns: from $799,900

Let is us know and we will try to get one for you.  Yes, good deal likes this, need to move ASAP.

有興趣的朋友, 事不容遲, 馬上聯絡, 務必爭取。

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