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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Recently Sold & Featured Listing - 2018.09.20

A new school year has started and settled in. It is time to look forward and plan.  In Autumn, thus, families would think of their housing need: upsize, downsize, move or invest ahead.

新學年開始了三星期, 應該適應日常時間運作。 在秋季, 不少家庭在這時候前瞻和計劃。 有些打算在「住」方面, 作點變動:  搬大屋、搬上樓轉環境、做投資。 往在入冬前, 買賣樓宇。  

For the past 3 months, TREB market performed better than 2017 - a potential sign that the market had adjusted to Ontario Fair Housing Plan and new mortgage lending guideline.  The market may continue to its growing course.  You might wish to purchase a property at this buyer-friendly environment, or prepare to sell your real estate while the market is picking up, CONTACT US.  "Getting It Done!"

六月至八月, 樓市表現比2017年同期好。 意味着去年政府樓市減溫措施和新的按揭貸款守則效應已減退, 復甦在即。 若果閣下打算趁機入市, 又或者及早準備售樓, 請即聯絡商討地產買賣策略。

Here is our regular media ad featuring listings include / 以下是本週報刊廣告, 推介幾個樓盤:-

* 10852 Victoria Square Blvd., Markham
* 36 London Pride Dr., Jefferson, Richmond Hill
* 5 Larry Grove Way, Greensborough, Markham
* 7 Bond Cres. #308, Oak Ridges, Richmond Hill

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