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Monday, 5 March 2018

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Oak Ridges, Richmond Hill - 2018.03.05

Closing completed, everything settled, delivered the final cheque to the client yesterday.  She was radiant!  She loves her new home which is very near the family (a few minutes walk away) and much closer to work (saved nearly an hour a day).  

Now, with her Richmond Hill home sold, the moving project completely done!  Within a few months, we found the ideal home, bought it, moved in, brought the previous home to the market and sold it.


It is truly our privilege to provide clients with real estate solution and services. 

把客戶在烈治文山的房子賣了, 交收程序完成。 昨天送上最後的支票時,見她容光滿面, 笑面迎人。  原來她十分喜愛新居, 不但住近家人(只需歩行數分鐘), 每天減省差不多一小時上落班車程。 在短短數個月裏,我們替她找了理想新居、買了、搬進了;又把之前物業掛牌、賣出;整個項目圓滿結束! 


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