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Thursday, February 22, 2018

GTA Home Average Selling Price (1966 - 2017) 步步高陞

Today is the 7th day of Lunar New Year.  It is #人日 (YAN YAK), everybody’s birthday.  HBD to all.

During this festive season, we exchange good wishes with one another.  One common goodwill is 步步高陞, meaning "moving upward step by step."  This reminds me of the Toronto Area home price trend.  

Average home sale price grew 41 times in 51 years.  That represents growth of 7.57% every year!

年初七 "人日", Happy Birthday!  新春期間, 大家彼此祝賀, 福氣滿溢。 當聽到「步步高陞」, 便想起大多倫多房屋價格走勢。

TREB 1966年記錄樓房買賣至2017年, 在這51年間, 平均房屋售價漲41倍。  換句話說, 在這半個世紀, 大多住宅物業每年平均增值 7.57%!  房屋物業確是一項穩健的長期投資工具。

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