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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Non-Residents owned only 3.4% Toronto Area Properties

Statistics Canada (StatCan) and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) have been gathering housing data.  Earlier today, StatCan released information about non-resident ownership of properties in Toronto census metropolitan area (CMA) and Vancouver CMA.

Non-residents make up a small percentage of housing property ownership.

加拿大統計局 (StatCan) 和 加拿大按揭及房屋公司 (CMHC) 正在聯手搜集一連串有關房屋資料。 今日早前, StatCan公布 大多倫多及大溫哥華物業外國買家擁有率資料。


* In Toronto CMA, non-residents own / 在大多倫多, 非本地居民買家佔有率:- 
  >  3.4% of all properties 所有房屋
  >  7.2% condominium-apartments 共管屋苑
  >  2.1% detached houses 獨立屋

* In Vancouver CMA, non-resident own / 在大溫哥華, 非本地居民買家佔有率:-:-
  >  4.8% of all properties 所有房屋
  >  7.9% condominium-apartments 共管屋苑
  >  3.2% detached houses 獨立屋

Toronto CMA non-resident properties concentrate in following municipalities / 大多倫多非本地買家物業集中在以下城市:-

* City of Toronto 多倫多市= 4.9%
* Richmond Hill 列治文山= 3.6%
* Markham 萬錦= 3.3%

( Source: Statistics Canada )

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