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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Mortgage Stress Tests in 2018

(Globe & Mail reporting)
Bank of Canada (BOC) announced new mortgage stress test for real estate buyers starting 2018.  According to BOC's estimate, about 10% prospective homebuyers will be disqualified.

2018 will arrive in 32 days.  There will a window of opportunity for those potentially affected to purchase a property before new rules kicked in.

Here are some featured listings for your consideration.

If interested in these or other property opportunities, contact us pronto. 

加拿大中央銀行昨天宣布將在2018起, 採取新按揭批核測試,相信有一成準買家會受到影響, 因而拿不到按揭買樓。

距離2018年,仍有32天;要置業,趕快。 以上是我們一些掛牌靚盤。  有意查詢這些或其他物業, 迅速聯絡安排。

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