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Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Berczy, Markham - 2017.07.17

TREB's June Market Watch indicated that many buyers and seller have been standing on the sidelines watching the market adjusting to the new government policies.  As such, transactions last month was only 2/3 of June 2016 level.  Having said that, housing is a fundamental need, some buyers have to buy home to meet their family requirements.

據多倫多地產商會6月市場報告顯示,許多買家和賣家從旁觀察市場對安省政府新樓房政策的調整反應, 因而上月的交易只有2016年6月的三分二。 話雖如此,「住」是一個基本需要,有人必須找一個合宜的家來滿足一家大細的所需。

CONGRATULATIONS to our Berczy seller clients!  With patience, persistence and the right pricing, it could be done!

恭喜我們Berczy賣家客戶成功在這調整時期亦可以好價售出物業! 證實只要有耐心,堅持和適當的市場策略,一定可以 SOLD!

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