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Thursday, July 6, 2017

GTA Toronto Condo Market - 2017Q1

While GTA real estate market is adjusting to Ontario's Fair Housing Plan, some of our clients are contemplating to start or expand their investment property portfolio in this more buyer-friendly environment.  Recently, a young couple plans to purchase condos as long term income generating properties, we reviewed the market with them.  We thought many readers could be benefited with the condo overview data here.

隨着安省四月推出16項樓房新措施, 大多倫多地產市場正在調整適應中; 同時, 不少客戶正考慮趁這時機開始/擴張地產投資組合。 最近, 一對年青夫婦打算購置一些屋苑單位作為長線收租物業, 所以跟他們分析了解大多公寓市況。 在此, 和大家分享其中一些市場概覽數據。

•  More and more people are buying and living in condos - in the past 4 years, annual resales of GTA condo apartments grew 51% to 29,727 (2016), making up more than a quarter (26%) of all home resales. A GTA condos was sold at the average $416,252 in 2016. 
•  越來越多人購買/居住屋苑 - 過去四年, 每年公寓買賣額升5成, 2016年錄得3萬宗公寓轉手, 佔所有GTA樓宇買賣26%, 平均售價41萬6。

•  Toronto dominates the GTA condos market - 70% of Q1 condos sales were of Toronto with an average selling price of $522k. 
•  多倫多市獨佔鰲頭, 主導市場 - 多市佔2017第一季大多公寓交易總數七成, 平均售價52萬2。

•  The most popular condo size was 2 bedroom  - 2 bedroom condos contributed nearly 1/3 (32%) of Q1 sales , 1+1 condos made up about 1/4 (24%) of sales. 
•  兩房單位最受歡迎 - 據第一季記錄, 三成公寓買賣為兩房單位, 4分1是1+1單位。

As condo living is becoming increasingly common in urban Toronto, we will continue to share data and opportunities on this market sector.  Should you be interested in any existing and pre-construction condos, please do not hesitate to contact us.

多倫多柏文生活越來越普及, 我們會不斷提供公寓屋苑市場資訊。 若閣下對任何公寓現盤或樓花有興趣的話, 歡迎聯絡查詢。

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