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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weekend Open House / 週末開放日 - 2017.04.22-23

Everyone should be able to find his/her home.   We have been working  hard to bring homes of various sizes and prices in Greater Toronto Area to meet the needs of various homebuyers.  

But, talks are easy (cheap)!  That's why we we are running OPEN HOUSES in 3 different locations in GTA.  This is our commitment to our clients and communities.

Apr.22nd-23rd 2:00-4:00pm

- 199 Thomas Philip Drive, Rural Aurora, Aurora
- 181 Westlake Avenue, Woodbine-Lumsden,  Toronto
- 23 Leeswood Crescent,  Agincourt North, Toronto

每個人(家人) 都應該找到他(們) 的居所。 我們團隊一貫努力與賣家合作提供不同種類、不同價錢的房屋給予有意置業安居的朋友。

「講」是容易, 是 Cheap。 所以, 本週末, 我們在大多倫多三個不同的地點作 開放日 展銷listings。  這是我們實踐對客戶和大家的服務承諾。

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