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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - December 2016

"Record Sales in 2016" was the headline of TREB Market Watch (Dec. 2016).  113,133 home re-sales in Greater Toronto Area in 2016 representing a 11.8% increase and also marking a second consecutive record year for home sale.  TREB President Larry Cerqua attributed the stellar market performance as follows.

"A relatively strong regional economy, low unemployment and very low borrowing costs kept the demand for ownership housing strong in GTA, as the region population continued to grow."

多倫多地產商會 12月 [市場動向] 報告標題為: "2016年創新銷售紀錄"。 全年大多倫多錄得 113,133 宗住宅重售, 較去年上升11.8%。 市場連續兩年創出新紀錄。 TREB 總裁 Cerqua 先生 解釋大多地產成績的主要原因:

"強健地區經濟、穩定就業率、 極低借貸成本、配合大多倫多人口持續增長, 促使大多置業意向和需求保持強勁。"

Key Year-Over-Year Comparisons (vs December 2015):-

* Sales increased 8.6% to 5,338 with average selling price at $730,472, 20% higher than last year $608,714

* Condo Apartment sub-market led the sales growth made up almost 1/3 of home sales

* Average selling price for Detached and Townhouse appreciated more than 23% in the past 12 months

* Active listing was low, nearly half (52%) of last year level.

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相對2015年12月, 今年市場:-

* 住宅重售增加 8.6% 至 5,338 單; 平均銷售價是 $73萬, 比去年 $60萬1 上升2成

共管屋苑 市場 活躍, 差不多佔12月交投全數 三分之一

* 獨立屋和鎮屋銷售價格在一年內升幅 23%以上

* 活躍銷售樓盤少, 處於去年12月水平的一半

如欲捕捉旺季出售房屋, 爭取最佳回報, 請馬上聯絡我們預早策劃賣房安排。 

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