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Monday, November 14, 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - October 2016

In October, Toronto Area home resale market continued to outperform last year.  Sales increased by 11.5% and the average selling price rose 21.1% from $630,254 of last to $762,975.

十月, 大多倫多住宅重售市場表現繼續優勝過2015年十月: 交易量增 11.5%, 平均售價從去年 $63萬 升21.1% 至 $76萬。

Topline notes:-

* "For the TREB market area as a whole, the largest annual rate of sales growth was in the condominium apartment market segment." - The sales of condos grew by 22% in 12 months.
* "Detached home sales were up by 10 per cent year-over-year, driven predominantly by transactions in the regions surrounding Toronto." - In October, detached house sales in 905-Area was more than TRIPLE of 416-Area (3,411 vs 1,088).
* Year-over-year, detached home price changed by 25.8% and condos increased by 12.5%.
* Although new listings were up slightly, active listings was still 1/3 less than October 2015 - "This meant that seller’s market conditions continued to prevail as buyers of all home types experienced intense competition in the marketplace."

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* 概觀各類型住宅市場, 共管屋苑買賣增幅最為明顯, 今年十月交易比往年同期多22%。

*  十月 905-地區獨立屋買賣是416-地區三倍以上, 帶動獨立屋市場走勢。
* 比較2015年十月, 獨立屋平均價脹 26% 而共管屋苑升 13%。
* 雖然十月新盤略為增加, 但仍然比去年同期少三分之一, 供不應求, 買家主導。

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