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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Real Estate Agent Team Ad - Week 3, Oct. 2016

We discussed the fundamental reason behind the strong GTA housing demand.  The recent TREB  Market Watch indicated that there are limited supply (active listings were less than 2/3 of September 2015).  The team has been working diligently with our sellers to bring some quality homes to the market.

Here is our Chinese media advertising this cycle.  Some of these homes are about to be listed.  If interested, contact us immediately.

( Featured Listings: 2016.10.w3 )

先前和大家探討大多倫多房屋需求的基本因素, 而據多倫多地產商會九月份MLS顯示待售盤數量低於去年同期三分之二, 供不應求情況持續。  有見及此, 我隊努力發掘優質樓盤以供選購。 以上是我們今期在星島和明報的廣告, 如有興趣購買這些以及其他樓房屋苑, 請馬上跟我們聯絡

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