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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.10.18

Being a #RealEstate professional actually takes more than many think.  Just to name a few:-

1) you are running your own business with ongoing expense and no regular pay cheques;
2) you are your own boss, you need to be self-motivated because nobody but yourself are responsible for the success and also the failure; 
3) the hours could be long and irregular depending on the tasks at hand.

To be a good realtor, it begins with a lot of commitment.  You need to love the job.  #TuesdayQuote shares Oprah Winfrey's thought:-

其實身為一個 #物業代理, 不是一般人想像中那麼容易的工作,原因包括:-

1. 這是自己的生意,不斷要付出運作開支, 而沒有定時的收入;
2. 自己當老闆,一切必定要自發、自主。因為, 沒有其他人需要為你的成就或挫折負責;
3. 工作沒有固定時間、工作天可能會很長,一切都隨着當時手上任務已定。

所以,要作一個稱職的地產經紀,要有一定的承擔,要熱愛這一份職業。今天 #星期二聯想 分享美國名人 #奧花雲費 之工作觀念:

「我認知的 - 若果你做的工作是你愛做的,而這工作亦充實你的生活;那麼,其餘的不用擔心,一切都會隨其自然地發生。」

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