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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why Toronto Real Estate Market Crazy? 1. Population Growth

At the Toronto Chinese Business Association 2016 Gala, we had a real estate forum exploring Why is the Toronto Real Estate Market so Crazy?  We will capture and share, in installments, some of the reasons why the Toronto real estate market is as feverish as we discussed on that panel.

多倫多華商會 2016 週年晚宴裏其中的一個環節是地產研討,  題目為「 為何多倫多地產市場超熱熾?」我們透過網站, 分幾期講述一些利好大多倫多樓市的基本因素。

POPULATION GROWTH - As Ontario grows, the population becomes larger, the number of households increases, and there will consequently be a higher demand for housing.
  • Based on data (2011 Census) and estimates (2015) from Statistics Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Finance projects that Ontario’s population will increase 30+% from 13.8 million in 2015 to 17.9 million in 2041.

人口增長 - 隨着安省不斷發展, 家庭數目上升, 房屋需求不斷增加。

  • 根據 Statistics Canada 2011 普查和 2015預算, Ontario Ministry of Finance 預料從 2015 2041, 安省人口從 1,380 萬增加 30+% 1,790萬。

  • Out of the 4.1 million projected new Ontarians between 2015-2041, net migration accounts for 73% (almost 3 quarters).
  • 未來26年, 73%; (差不3/4) 新增安省人口是移民淨加 (共410萬), 其餘27%是自然增長。
  • For the past 10 years, net migration averaged to be 77,000 per year.  The net migration in 2015-2016 is projected to grow to 114,000 per year.    In 2040-2041, this number is projected to be 130,000 per year.
  • 過去十年, 安省每年平均移民淨加是7萬7。估計, 在2015-16年移民淨加是11萬4; 而在2040-41將會為13萬。

  • The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is projected to be the fastest growing region in Ontario, accounting for 68% (more than 2/3) of the population growth.  Between now and 2041, there will be an additional 2.9 million GTA residents looking for homes.  Thus, demand for homes, existing or new, will increase.  In fact, we are seeing this trend in the market right now.
  • 安省不同地區中, 預料大多倫多增長最為迅速, 佔68% (多過 2/3) 全省人口增長 。 從2015至2041, 大多倫多將額外有290萬人要應付居住的問題。 現時市場熱買, 正正反映出樓宇房屋需求的勢頭 。

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