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Monday, September 19, 2016

Toronto Chinese Business Association Gala 2016

On September 16th, Toronto Chinese Business Association (TCBA -多倫多華商會) had its 44th Anniversary and Inauguration Gala.

Obviously, it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends of the community, be they elected / appointed officials, leaders from various sectors, business counterparts or folks that we met previously or on the day.

In addition, it was a good opportunity for us set aside time from day to day business, to socialize and to chill. 

Of course, the program was well thought out and the dinner was very enjoyable.

The evening was particularly special.  

For one, our good old friend Evan Chau, whom we knew and worked with in Hong Kong banking / financial industry more than a decade ago, became the new TCBA President 2016-18.  A BIG CONGRATULATION to Evan.

Secondly, I was honoured to join David Wong (our Manager and mentor) led forum alongside with PlazaCorp's Scott Mcllelab, Livante Developments' Ben Wong and RDM's John Wong to discuss:

"Why is the Toronto Real Estate Market so Crazy?"

It was a very memorable evening.  

Thank you, TCBA.  Best Wishes!

很興幸有機會應邀出席多倫多華商會 2016 週年晚宴,
  • 再遇到和認識我們華人社區內朋友
  • 目暏在多年前香港銀行界中已認識、合作的Evan Chau當選為2016-18主席
  • 跟幾位資深在台上參與 David Wong 帶領的研討:「為何多倫多地產市場超熱熾?」

整個晚上的項目精彩豐富; 難能可貴的是: 學到東西時, 又具娛樂性。

多謝 #TCBA。 

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