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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - August 2016

Greater Toronto Area(GTA) home re-sale market had a record August with 9,813 sales, 23% higher from August 2015.  (Note that there were 2 more working days this August).  Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) ’s read:-

Population in the GTA continues to grow.  The resulting growth in households coupled with favourable economic conditions and low borrowing costs means that we remain on track for another record year for home sales.

… with the number of new listings down compared to last year.  This situation continued to underpin very strong home price growth, inspective of home type or area.

We highlighted a few year-over-year top-line comparisons:- 

- Monthly sales increased by 23%; per working day sales increased by 13%
- August average selling price was $710,410 vs $603,534 last year
- “416 Area” average price: Detached= $1,207K; Semi= $775K; Townhome= $615K; Condo= $447K
- There are less than 10,000 active listings, about 2/3 of last year level

Should be be interested in finding out more on your local market condition and your property value, contact us for a no-obligation evaluation.

大多倫多地產市場又創歷來八月份交易新高,MLS系統錄得 9,813 宗買賣, 比去年同月量增23% (備注: 2015 8月少2工作天)  TREB 發言人描述市況:-

大多倫多人口不斷增長, 家庭數目繼續增加, 借貸成本持續偏低。 今年市場交投量邁向歷史新高。

隨着活着賣盤數目處於低水平, 不論地區或房屋類別, 價格有很大提升空間。

其他, 去年八月與今年八月的比較重點:-
  • 一個月成交量升幅23%; 若以每工作天計算, 13%
  • 平均銷售價為 $71, 上年價處 $604
  • “416”地區房屋平均價: 獨立屋 = $1207; 半獨立 = $775; 鎮屋 = $615; 屋苑 = $447
  • 活躍賣盤只有去年同期 2/3

有意更深入了解閣下區域市場狀況和物業估價, 歡迎來電查詢。

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