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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - July 2016

"... the best result on record of the month of July."

"... listings for single-detached and semi-detached houses and townhouses continue to be in short supply..."

"... As long as very strong buying intentions are up against an extreme shortage of listings, expect home price growth to greatly outpace the rate of inflation..."

Above are the quotes from Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) July 2016 report that stood out and captured the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) home resale market sentiment.

Additional top line key points:-

> The average selling price of a GTA increased from $608,875 in July 2015 to $709,825 this July representing an increase of 16.6%.

> July GTA average selling prices for a single-detached, semi-detached, townhouse and condo were $953k, $668k, $536k and $407k, respectively.

> Properties available for resale was 30% less than July 2015.

> Condo apartments resales grew more than 10% in volume year-to-year.

> Single-detached and semi-detached house selling prices increased 21% and 17% in 12 months.

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“… 歷來最好成績的七月。

“… 獨立屋丶半獨立屋丶鎮屋供應持續短缺...”

“… 配合強烈購買意欲和極缺乏待售樓盤, 預料樓價上升幅度遠超過通貨膨脹...”

以上幾句摘抄於七月份 TREB 大多倫多地產市場行情報告 (Market Watch) 充分捕捉到現時市場氣氛。


> 平均銷售價格從去年七月的 60萬9升至 今年71, 升幅為16.6%
> 大多獨立屋、半獨立屋、鎮屋、屋苑大廈 七月平均售價分別為 953、$668、$536$407
> 樓盤貨源供應比去年少3成。
> 屋苑大廈銷售量錄得超過1成増長。
> 獨立屋和半獨立屋價1年升21%和17%。


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