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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Weekend Open House / 週末開放日 - 2016.07.23-24

" I see the skies of blue, clouds of white...  What a Wonderful World..."  Grateful for very delightful weather and skyline here in Greater Toronto Area.  This is just perfect for us to host #WeekendOpenHouses.  Today and tomorrow, between 2:30-4:30pm, we will showcase 2 quality homes.

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> 43 Edgewood Crescent, Cachet, Markham - MLS #3557286
> 377 Roy Rainey Avenue, Wismer, Markham - MLS #N3556389

藍天白雲、份外怡人.  加拿大多倫多這邊的天氣真不錯,要珍惜、感恩。在準備 #週末開放日。

地點:     萬錦 Cachet 區: 43 Edgewood Crescent
            萬錦 Wismer 區: 377 Roy Rainey Avenue

時間:    今天、明天 下午二時三十分 - 四時三十分, 歡迎蒞臨參觀。

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