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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - June 2016

Mr. Larry Cerqua, the new Toronto Real Estate Board (#TREB) President, concisely depicted the market in June's Market Watch:-

" There is no doubt that demand is at a record level, but would-be home buyers continue to face an uphill battle against a constrained supply of listings, which has perpetuated strong price growth." 

 Top line highlight (compared to June 2015):

  • Sales grew 7.5% to 12,794 resales in June
  • The average selling price was $746,546, a 16.8% increase from $639,309 of last June
  • Single-detached, semi-detached, townhome segments led the price growth
  • Condo apartment resales, both in '416' and '905' areas, rose by 15+%
  • New listings dropped 3.8%; active listings was at about 70% level from 12 months ago

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TREB 新任總裁 Larry Cerqua 在六月份大多倫多地產市場行情報告(Market Watch) 中貼切地描述市場現況, 翻譯大概是: [無疑, 樓房需求是在歷來的身高位。 同時, 準買家因很有限供應, 面對市價迅速增長, 以及大量競爭。]

月樓市相對2015年六月, 走勢概覽:

  • 買賣數量增加7.5%達12,794宗
  • 平均銷售價格從去年63萬9升至74萬6, 升幅為16.8%
  • 獨立屋、半獨立屋、鎮屋 帶動樓價上揚
  • 無論在 '416'區 或 '905'區, 屋苑大廈轉手買賣也錄得15+%增長
  • 是月新掛樓盤量微跌3.8%, 但活躍售盤較去年同期少三成
如欲趁熱市售樓, 又或者希望了解物業市場價值,歡迎查詢

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