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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.07.26

(photo taken at Rural Markham, Ontario)

You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream.  You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.” ~ Diana Ross

Have a golden dream?  GO and GET IT!

美國歌影名藝人 Diana Ross 曾這樣說:"黃金夢想?絕非可以守株待兔,期待從天而降;而是透過個人行動、爭取、實現而成。和所有立志為自身和家庭創建更美麗將來的朋友互勉。#星期二聯想

Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Doncrest, Richmond Hill - 2016.07.25

We were honoured to be chosen by our #RichmondHill #Doncrest clients to be their #ListingAgent.  Thanks for their trust, we managed to sell their property and meet the specific schedule.  A big congrats to them for getting the street’s RECORD HIGH price.  This has truly been a pleasure.


得蒙我們 #列治文山 #Doncrest 客戶信任委托他們作 #物業代理, 深感興幸。  最後,他們的 #獨立屋 在預期的時間表內售出, 並且做得 整條街 #最高售價, 我們大家都雀躍非常!  快樂就是這樣: 當客戶高興滿意, 我們經紀更加欣慰喜悅。


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Weekend Open House / 週末開放日 - 2016.07.23-24

" I see the skies of blue, clouds of white...  What a Wonderful World..."  Grateful for very delightful weather and skyline here in Greater Toronto Area.  This is just perfect for us to host #WeekendOpenHouses.  Today and tomorrow, between 2:30-4:30pm, we will showcase 2 quality homes.

( click for Google Maps )

> 43 Edgewood Crescent, Cachet, Markham - MLS #3557286
> 377 Roy Rainey Avenue, Wismer, Markham - MLS #N3556389

藍天白雲、份外怡人.  加拿大多倫多這邊的天氣真不錯,要珍惜、感恩。在準備 #週末開放日。

地點:     萬錦 Cachet 區: 43 Edgewood Crescent
            萬錦 Wismer 區: 377 Roy Rainey Avenue

時間:    今天、明天 下午二時三十分 - 四時三十分, 歡迎蒞臨參觀。

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - June 2016

Mr. Larry Cerqua, the new Toronto Real Estate Board (#TREB) President, concisely depicted the market in June's Market Watch:-

" There is no doubt that demand is at a record level, but would-be home buyers continue to face an uphill battle against a constrained supply of listings, which has perpetuated strong price growth." 

 Top line highlight (compared to June 2015):

  • Sales grew 7.5% to 12,794 resales in June
  • The average selling price was $746,546, a 16.8% increase from $639,309 of last June
  • Single-detached, semi-detached, townhome segments led the price growth
  • Condo apartment resales, both in '416' and '905' areas, rose by 15+%
  • New listings dropped 3.8%; active listings was at about 70% level from 12 months ago

Should you be interested in finding out the current market value of your property, please feel free to contact us for a no obligation evaluation.

TREB 新任總裁 Larry Cerqua 在六月份大多倫多地產市場行情報告(Market Watch) 中貼切地描述市場現況, 翻譯大概是: [無疑, 樓房需求是在歷來的身高位。 同時, 準買家因很有限供應, 面對市價迅速增長, 以及大量競爭。]

月樓市相對2015年六月, 走勢概覽:

  • 買賣數量增加7.5%達12,794宗
  • 平均銷售價格從去年63萬9升至74萬6, 升幅為16.8%
  • 獨立屋、半獨立屋、鎮屋 帶動樓價上揚
  • 無論在 '416'區 或 '905'區, 屋苑大廈轉手買賣也錄得15+%增長
  • 是月新掛樓盤量微跌3.8%, 但活躍售盤較去年同期少三成
如欲趁熱市售樓, 又或者希望了解物業市場價值,歡迎查詢

43 Edgewood Crescent, Cachet, Markham

* SOLD *

If you have read our interview: " Markham Cachet 升值潛力高 要買趁早 (Real Estates with High Upside Potential)",  you would know that we have always been bullish about Markham Cachet real properties. 

With soon-to-be-completed King Square and future Buttonville Airport re-development, there are still plenty of potential for Cachet and neighbouring communities.

If you are looking for a home to live or invest, we would invite you look into our featured 43 Edgewood Crescent (MLS# 3557286). 

有讀過我們在 #明報 #地產金頁 [Markham Cachet 升值潛力高 要買趁早] 的朋友, 知道我們一向看好 #萬錦市 Cachet 和鄰近區域的樓房。 隨着附近 [王府井]發展即將完成,  Buttonville Airport 用地重新發展盡快動工, 都增加這一帶房屋的潛在價值有正面的影響。若有意購入這區物業的朋友, 一定不容錯過 43 Edgewood Crescent.  

[簡介] CACHET 萬錦市高貴地段全磚獨立屋, 4房3衞,雙車房,可泊5車,主層9呎樓底,
實木地板,多窗光猛,漂亮石砌後園,全屋時尚裝修,專業設計,主人5件套房, 連雙大衣帽間。地點佳, 名校區,近404 /HWY7, 大統華、商場、快建成王府井、將來 Buttonville 發展項目。 [優質地段,潛力極高,難能可貴。]

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.07.19

“Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success.”
- Henry Ford

Wishing more love and peace. #TuesdayQuote

這陣子,好像不少地方充斥着差異、鬥爭和衝突。這 #星期二聯想 找到了美國福特汽車 創辦人 亨利福特 引句:「確認磋商時開始;接納共存是進步;攜手合作是成功。」


Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ GTA - 2016.07.18

Mid-July already, half-way through 2016.  Let us share some of our proud work from the first 2 quarters this year.

We are proud because our clients are happy and satisfied.  Rest assured that we will continue to be motivated and diligent in providing you with our real estate services.

瞬息間,已經是七月中,2016年已經過了一半,是時候打打氣!是期廣告和大家分享今年的一些我們感自豪的成績。自豪是因為客戶開心、滿意、以 #超叫價 售出物業。放心,我們不會因些而自滿、停滯不前。我們定必繼續努力,為大家帶來職業完善 #地產代理 服務。再次感謝大家支持!

Your Greater Toronto Area Real Estate Agents

#HappyMonday #SoldOverAsking #Greater Toronto Area

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.07.12

“Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.” ~ John Dewey

Tuesday, keep going.
到達一個里程碑,也是新目標的起步點 - 和大家共勉,‪#‎星期二聯想‬

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Wismer, Markham - 2016.07.04

" Hearty Congrats to our #Seller #Clients in #Wismer getting top $ (highest on the street) for their#Markham #property. Happy Clients, Happy#RealEstateAgents. - #HappyMonday " — at

"Happy Clients, Happy Agents!

‪#‎開心星期一‬,恭賀我們 ‪#‎萬錦‬ ‪#‎Wismer‬ 賣家 以全街最高價售出。客人滿意,我們高興。"