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Thursday, June 2, 2016

ThursdayMap / 星期四地圖‬ : 2016.06.02

Now, we understand why our cars put on so much mileage and gas bills so high. This season so far, we ‎#broker‬-ed / represented our clients to buy, sell and invest in ‪#‎RealProperties‬ at these #GreatTorontoArea‬ locations. When we said we will go extra miles for our clients, we are not kidding!

Yes, for our clients, we go extra miles, literally. Look at the ‎ThursdayMap‬ above.

現在明白為何我們車輛里數增加得這麼快,汽油帳單數額上升得那麼高⋯⋯原來,在這幾個月,我們為#客戶 馬不停蹄在 ‪#‎大多倫多‬ 穿鎮過市 代表他們購買、銷售和投資 ‪#‎地產‬#物業。所以,當我們説「樂意為客戶跑多幾步為求達到目標」,絕不是開玩笑。- ‪#‎星期四地圖‬

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