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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

43 Edgewood Crescent, Cachet, Markham

* SOLD *

If you have read our interview: " Markham Cachet 升值潛力高 要買趁早 (Real Estates with High Upside Potential)",  you would know that we have always been bullish about Markham Cachet real properties. 

With soon-to-be-completed King Square and future Buttonville Airport re-development, there are still plenty of potential for Cachet and neighbouring communities.

If you are looking for a home to live or invest, we would invite you look into our featured 43 Edgewood Crescent (MLS# 3557286). 

有讀過我們在 #明報 #地產金頁 [Markham Cachet 升值潛力高 要買趁早] 的朋友, 知道我們一向看好 #萬錦市 Cachet 和鄰近區域的樓房。 隨着附近 [王府井]發展即將完成,  Buttonville Airport 用地重新發展盡快動工, 都增加這一帶房屋的潛在價值有正面的影響。若有意購入這區物業的朋友, 一定不容錯過 43 Edgewood Crescent.  

[簡介] CACHET 萬錦市高貴地段全磚獨立屋, 4房3衞,雙車房,可泊5車,主層9呎樓底,
實木地板,多窗光猛,漂亮石砌後園,全屋時尚裝修,專業設計,主人5件套房, 連雙大衣帽間。地點佳, 名校區,近404 /HWY7, 大統華、商場、快建成王府井、將來 Buttonville 發展項目。 [優質地段,潛力極高,難能可貴。]

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