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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.05.31

Those who follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Wechat know that we usually share a quotation on Tuesday to be inspired, motivated or reminded on Tuesday.  Why not post it here on our blog (website), too.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Actions speak louder, get busy!
「講」可以是天下無敵,但實質上,一事未成。所以 ‪#‎星期二聯想‬ 提醒提醒:坐言起行,工多藝熟, 多勞多得。Get Busy! 開工啦!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

73 Cedarcrest Crescent, Westbrook, Richmond Hill

* SOLD *

Proudly presenting 73 Cedarcrest Crescent in Richmond Hill's Westbrook neighbourhood.  This refreshly and tastefully renovated 4 bedroom / 5 bathroom end-unit freehold townhome offers much room for any family to grow and prosper.  In addition to its proximity to Yonge Street, and thus all modern day amenities, it offers access to a list of impressive schools: Trilium Woods P.S., Richmond Hill H.S., Michael Jean P.S., Beverley Acres P.S. and Longstaff S.S.  MLS # N3504931 captures all the details.  

烈治文山2千多呎單邊兩層鎮房,4房5衞,雙車房,無管理費, Richmond Hill HS 中學校區,多窗明亮,極佳間格, 新裝修,全屋實木地板,主層9呎樓底, 升級廚房, 特大主人套房, 專業完全土庫, 前車路可泊4車, 石砌後園,專業園藝。近央街、名中小學區、超市商場, 交通方便。[ 烈市中心, 應有盡有,生活便利,安居樂所, 難求!]

50 Silkgrove Terrace, Wismer, Markham

* SOLD *

Wismer properties went up on listing and sold quickly.  Looking for a linked house in this popular neighbourhood?  You are in luck, 50 Silkgrove Terrace has just been listed for sale.

This 3 bedroom / 3 bathroom with 9ft. main floor ceiling, practical layout, plenty of windows and easy access to daily amenities, including reputable schools like John McCrae Public School (provincially ranked 63th out of 3,037 schools) and Bur Oak Secondary School (provincially ranked 10th out of 656 schools).  50 Silkgrove Terrace would make a great home any family with school children.  Details are listed on MLS # N3503178. Contact us for a showing or visit out Open House on May 28th-29th 2:30-4:30pm.

萬錦市半獨立屋1700尺。3大睡房3衞。9呎主層,高級家電。專業石砌後園。木地板,實木樓梯。一流間格,全房多窗,光猛寛大。可泊3車。步行公園,公車及名校 John McCrae 小學及 Bur Oak 中學. [地點有利,配套齊備,年青家庭首選。]

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - April 2016

This Spring, representing the start of real estate season, TREB reported yet another record month with 12,085 resales in the Greater Toronto Area during April.

Key top-line notes:
  • Year-over-year, overall volume increased by 7.4%, average selling price reached $739,082 versus $636,094 in April 2015.
  • MLS Home Price Index Composite Benchmark rose 12.6% compared to 12 months ago.
  • Shortage of "416" Area low-rise listings resulted in the dip of sales in the these segments.
  • Detached and Semi-detached average selling price increased by 18+% in a year.
  • 17% more 416 Area condos resales this year.
  • New listings and active listings were lower than the same time last year.
"As we move into the busiest time of the year, in terms of sales volume, strong competitions between buyers will continue to push home prices higher... "

If you wish to know what would your property would sell for in this market, contact us for a no obligation evaluation.  Join our Facebook page to stay current with the market.



  • 買賣增7.4%,平均售價從去年$63萬6升至今年$73萬9
  • MLS住宅價格綜合指數 (Home Price Index Composite Benchmark) 漲12.6%
  • 「416」和「905」地區獨立屋和半獨立屋同樣搶手,價格一年升多過18%
  • 「416」區高層樓宇市場暢旺,買賣增17%
  • 新掛牌和累積賣盤偏低,有利賣家。


Thursday, May 12, 2016

8 Ironshore Court, Aurora Highlands, Aurora

* SOLD *

Our featured 8 Ironshore Court resides at the prestigious Aurora Highlands backing on stunning view of protected nature reserve.  This 4 Bedroom /4 Bathroom executive home situated in a child safe and quiet cul-de-sac with a premium pie-shaped lot. Back On Stunning View Of Protected Nature Reserve. Skylight, professionally finished wall-out basement and family size 2 level deck capitalize the natural lighting and idyllic green setting.  Details of this charming home are listed on MLS # N3489271.

To fully appreciate, contact us for a private showing and / or Open House schedule.

難求!位于Aurora著名綠樹林哥爾夫球場大地段。整屋背向優美樹林,擁有永不改變的山林遠景。寧靜安全倔頭路。2800呎,獨立4房4圍雙車房,土庫直出後園。廚房步行出兩層露台。天窗,天然光亮,專業完成土庫。西人一手業主,保養一流。近商場,大型連鎖店,食肆, 央街, 交通方便。[發展潛力豐厚。靜中帶旺,價錢吸引。]

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

38 Philips Lake Court, Jefferson, Richmond Hill

* SOLD *

Richmond Hill Jefferson is a recently developed prestigious neighbourhood that attracts many home buyers. 

We are pleased to present 38 Philips Lake Court, a gorgeous, executive, cul-de-sac detached home with 3,200 sq.ft. 4 bedroom back to Bathurst Glen Golf Course and natural trail.  While having all the serenity, it is minutes away from all daily convenience along Yonge Street.  For details, refer to the MLS N3489178.  

JEFFERSON 位於烈治文山高尚地段,3年新 3,200呎 獨立屋 雙車房,
4房5衞, 主層9呎樓底,背向哥球場,樹林清幽,環境優美,一望無際。全屋豪華裝修,專業設計,廚房用料上乘,花岡石廚房配不銹鋼電器,專業完成土庫,光猛明亮,近校區公園,交通方便[ 優雅環境兼生活便利, 實屬難逢。]

Contact us to book a showing.

38 Philips Lake Court

Saturday, May 7, 2016

355 Roy Rainey Avenue, Wismer, Markham

* SOLD * 

What is a linked house?  It is almost like a detached house except sharing a common  garage wall with the neighbour.  Our featured 355 Roy Rainey Avenue in Wismer neighbourhood is a 4 bedroom / 4 bathroom linked house.  Details of this attractively finished home are listed on MLS N3483577.  Ideal for families with school aged children as John McCrae Public School (provincially ranked 63th out of 3,037 schools) and Bur Oak Secondary School (provincially ranked 10th out of 656 schools).  355 Roy Rainey Avenue is definitely a great place to raise a family.

位於萬錦市高尚地段,4房4衛Link屋,時尚專業完成土庫。9呎樓底,多窗光猛明亮,間隔實用。不鏽鋼家電,大理石枱面,升級廚房,全屋實木地板,橡木樓梯。排名極高學校區 (John McCrae, Bur Oak),近商場,學校,公園, 交通方便。 [地點適宜一家大小, 理想安樂家居。]

112 Castlemore Avenue, Berczy, Markham

* SOLD *

112 Castlemore Ave is situated in the very popular Berczy community. This newly renovated 3 bedroom detached house is within Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School zone, near the ‎Frederick Bagg Park, transit and malls.  For more, refer to MLS N3482133 , or see it yourself at the Open House on May 7th, 8th 2:30-4:30pm.

112 Castlemore Ave ,位處萬錦名校區Berczy獨立屋3房4衞,新裝修新油,實木地板,專業完成土庫,石沏後園,一流格間,多窗亮麗,業主悉心保養。前園特大陽台。步行到名中學Perrie Trudeau杜魯多中學及區內最大Frederick Bagg Park 公園。[ 人氣旺地,樣樣俱全獨立屋,家庭安居之處。]