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Thursday, March 31, 2016

What Our Clients Say (客戶推薦) - Brian

Client - Brian and Family
        - Sellers of a Stouffville property

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Brian Hua                                                                                                              
Wismer, Markham

Fanny Lee & The Team
Hi Fanny, Karl and Team,

I guess I would like to start by giving a big thank you to Karl for introducing me to his team member, Fanny Lee in helping us with our "out of the ordinary" situation.  We originally lived in Stouffville and bought a new build in Markham.  We decided we wanted to sell the builder’s house in Markham due to the age of our young twins and stay put in Stouffville.  We needed someone with professional knowledge of selling Assignments and providing us with advice.  We personally had lots of family and friends that are agents but remembered meeting Karl one day at a new builder site, he was also one of my high school friends.  I needed someone I can trust and have great knowledge of the Markham region.

Fanny and Karl are an amazing team, very professional and gave me lot of advice including backup plans as assignments are challenging to sell especially when you cannot market the property like any other re-sale property.  I understood my options and was ready for Fanny and Karl to do the best for me and my family.  Karl and Fanny provided me with periodic updates of the Markham assignment property and did find some interested buyers.  Due to certain circumstances, we changed our mind.  At the same time, Fanny provided her professional insight advising me that moving to Markham is actually a very good decision not just for the schools but potential of the Markham property vs. Stouffville property.  

Fanny and Karl did their best to help us market both properties, providing me with their game plan as well as advice.  Karl takes amazing professional pictures making my Stouffville house look bigger than 1,978 sq.ft..  With the assistance of Fanny and Karl we finally got a great price selling our house in Stouffville.  

I really appreciate what I have learned from Karl and Fanny, I definitely do not regret the decision of moving to Markham. Fanny and Karl definitely cannot be under-estimated for their ability, and their knowledge of the market.  Their expertise and advices create realistic results that are visible.  Fanny's friendly smile tells you that you have made a good choice in selecting her team and the confidence they bring in creating results.  Me and my family appreciate the assistance and definitely a top referral for any friends and family if anyone needs to buy/sell a house.


Brian Hua

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