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Friday, January 15, 2016

GTA Home Average Selling Price (1966-2015)

With the release of 2015 TREB data on Greater Toronto Area home resale, we updated the GTA Home Average Selling Price chart.  It depicts the trend of annual average of home sales price since 1966, when TREB started to track.

Between 1966 and 2015, GTA average home price went from $21,360 to $622,217.  The residential property value grew 28 times in 49 years or an average yearly appreciation of 7.2% .

Real property not only provides a home for the family but also a mean to grow wealth.

自1966年,多倫多地產商會(TREB) 開始記錄大多地區樓房買賣數據。在這49年,住宅房產銷售平均價從$2萬1 升至$62萬2,增28倍。換句話說,大多房屋平均每年增值7%


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