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Monday, January 18, 2016

Real Estate Agent Team Ad - Week 3, Jan. 2016

Here is our ad printed on Chinese media (Sing Tao Daily & Ming Poa Daily) this cycle featuring:-

Gratitude to Clients, Friends and Families for their ongoing support.
* Greater Toronto Area Home Price Trend
* BAYTREE Luxury Townhomes at York Mills
* Lot+Plan(+Build) Opportunity at Bayview at St. Andrew / Winfields, Bayview/York Mills

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Friday, January 15, 2016

GTA Home Average Selling Price (1966-2015)

With the release of 2015 TREB data on Greater Toronto Area home resale, we updated the GTA Home Average Selling Price chart.  It depicts the trend of annual average of home sales price since 1966, when TREB started to track.

Between 1966 and 2015, GTA average home price went from $21,360 to $622,217.  The residential property value grew 28 times in 49 years or an average yearly appreciation of 7.2% .

Real property not only provides a home for the family but also a mean to grow wealth.

自1966年,多倫多地產商會(TREB) 開始記錄大多地區樓房買賣數據。在這49年,住宅房產銷售平均價從$2萬1 升至$62萬2,增28倍。換句話說,大多房屋平均每年增值7%


Monday, January 11, 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - December 2015

In December, TREB recorded 4,945 resales in Greater Toronto Area - the 2nd best December recorded.  This brought the annual total to 101,299 resales, a 9.2% increase from 2014's total of 92,782.  2015 was a record year for TREB home sales in GTA.

Top level highlights:-

- The average selling price of 2015's 101,299 home resales was $622,217.  It represented an appreciation of 9.8% from 2014's average at $556,624.

- December sales increased by 11.9% in volume with average price at $609,110 (+9.5% in price from 2014 December).

- December average price of GTA homes: Detached @$825,470; Semi-detahced @ $577,760; Townhome @ $474,588; and Condo @ $378,249.

- Compared to December 2014, the segment of "416" Semi-detached, "416" Townhome and "905" Condos became more active.

- Year over year, the new listing grew by 8.4%.  The active listings were still 10.7% LESS than 12 months ago.

多倫多地產商會(TREB) 宣佈2015年 MLS系統全年錄得101299交易, 比2014年增加9.2%, 創下新的年紀錄。

- 2015年大多房屋平均銷售價為$622,217,比去年$556,624 升9.8%

- 較2014年12同期,2015 12月房屋轉售量升11.9%, 平均價漲9.5%

- 12月大多各類别樓宇平均買賣價:獨立屋@$82萬5;半獨立屋@$57萬8;鎮屋@$47萬5;屋苑大厦@$37萬8

- 12月「416區」的半獨立屋和鎮屋;以及「905區」的屋苑大厦較去年活躍

- 雖然上月新售盤比12月前增8.4%,但總活躍盤仍少10.7%

" ... the demand for ownership housing is expected to remain strong in 2016.  Despite stricter mortgage lending guidelines and the possibility of slightly higher borrowing costs, on average, there will be many buyers who remain upbeat on the purchase of ownership housing..." said Jason Mercer, TREB's Director of Market Analysis.

TREB 市場分析總監稱:"2016年有可能按揭收緊和借貸成本略上調,預期2016樓宇需求會持續強勁,因很多買家對樓市仍感樂觀。"

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 Year End Celebration

Year end holiday seasons, a year of hard work and the 35th anniversary of our brokerage called for a bigger celebration and award presentation gala.  Our team definitely took this opportunity to rejoice.  Here we captured moments of December 12, 2015 at Markham Event Centre.

Thanks to Your Trust and Support throughout 2015, our team was awarded with"- 

* 3 President Awards
* 1 New Home Sales Gold Award, and (the most importantly)
* More Happy Clients like yourselves.

Our team will Keep Up Our Effort and Get the Job Done.

All the best with 2016.

Dec. 12 是公司聖誕晚會、周年頒奬以及35周年紀念慶祝晚宴。除了各姊妹公司員工、各分行同事、也有不少業界同僚和生是議員在座一起慶祝。誠蒙各朋人客戶信仼、機會,我們在2015度贏得3個集團總統大奬以及樓花銷售金獎。