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Friday, December 30, 2016


Counting down to the new year.  Is your fridge missing a magnetic calendar?  If so, no worry!  Simply email us your address, we will love to mail you a "INTERIOR BY DESIGN 2017" calendar as a little token of our appreciation.


三天後, 就是2017年!  家裏的雪櫃還未有磁石月曆嗎?  不用緊, 電郵我們閣下的住址, 我們樂意寄上作為小小心意。


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.12.27

2016 is soon to be completed.  It never ceases to amaze how quickly the time goes.  For this edition of #TuesdayQuote, we share the thought of Steve Jobs.

“My favourite things in life don’t cost any money.  It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

Treasure Time!

( photo taken in Longford Mills, Ontario )

還有四天, 2016將會成為歷史。 #星期二聯想 特地分享蘋果電腦始創人 喬布斯 曾經說過: 

"我生命中最喜歡的東西是不用分文錢財。 很明顯, 對每一個人來說, 時間是寶貴的資源。"


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays 2017! 溫暖聖誕, 充裕新年!

Have a Wonderful Holiday and a Spectacular New Year! 

溫暖聖誕, 充裕新年! 

Best Wishes from Fanny Lee & TheTeam

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.12.20

As holiday season approaches and the market takes a rest, I visit my mother and the rest of my family in Hong Kong.  It is great to be near the ocean which is vast, open, accepting and full of lives.  For #TuesdayQuote, selected a quote from Christopher Reeve:-

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.”

( photo taken in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong )

Friends, let’s go further and deeper in 2017.

年尾大節當前, 趁地產市場小休時, 匆匆飛香港探望媽媽和家人。 非常喜歡住近大海的感覺: 無限、無量、無止, 但同時地開放和包容。  今天 #星期二聯想 揀選了 [超人] 基斯杜化里夫 的語錄:

“每人有兩個選擇: 你可以留在泳池邊, 或者可以越洋大海。”

朋友們, 在2017年, 讓我們走得更深更遠。

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.12.13

( photo taken at Sacré-Cœur, Paris, France )

Over the weekend, our brokerage had a gala to celebrate the season holiday and great work.  Happy to see tremendous effort rewarded.  For this edition of #TuesdayQuote, we would like to share this idea from Helen Keller:-

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. nothing can be done without hope and confidence. "

Friends, always look at the bright side of life.

我們經紀行剛在週末舉辦了每年一度聖誕和業績頒獎典禮, 高興見證大家努力爭取的成果。#星期二聯想 分享 海倫凱勒 的 #語錄 :

" 樂觀的態度和信念是成就的起點。 缺乏信心和希望, 什麼都不行。"

朋友, 凡事都是向好方面想, 一切會更好。

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Real Estate Agent Team Ad - Week 1, Dec. 2016

For those who just get to know us, we often communicate online with our friends, clients and prospects here, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and WeChat. 

We also use regular media: Sing Tao Daily (星島日報) Ming Pao Property Goldpage (明報地產金頁).  Attached below is our ad the first week of December.  We also connect with communities through newsletters and flyers.  

We would do what it takes to promote our sellers' (be they developers or individual) properties and reach out to homebuyers and investors.  Looking for a Real Estate Team?  CONTACT US!

剛剛接觸認識我們的朋友, 我們不但在這網頁與各位分享地產方面資訊, 你們也可以在 微信,  面書,  Instagram,  Twitter,  Google+ ... 等等和我們聯繫。

除了社會媒體外, 我們亦定期在星島日報, 明報地產金頁刊登廣告。 另外, 我們透過通訊和直郵接觸大多倫多內不同的社區。

其實, 姑勿論賣家是發展商或是個別人士, 我們都會努力不懈、千方百計地推廣他們的物業。同樣地, 我們樂意為買家與及投資者加以援手。

若果, 你正在尋找地產代理團隊代表你解決物業買賣事宜, 歡迎聯絡詳談。

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.12.06

If you are connected with us on Instagram or WeChat(fannyleelife), you are probably aware that we recently celebrated our kid's birthday.  We have found this #TuesdayQuote which is particularly fitting for this occasion.

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” ~ Denis Waitley

How true!  We could all be benefited by being level-headed with where you came from and venture out to explore and strive.

( photo taken in Victoria Square, Markham )

跟我們在 Instagram和微信(fannyleelife)互聯的朋友, 應該知道我們剛慶祝兒子的生日。 今天 #星期二聯想, 特地找了一句應時的語錄:


若果我們每人清楚自己的根源, 然後放膽高飛、探索、力爭; 可能, 我們會活得更心平和充足。 同意嗎?

Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Jefferson, Richmond Hill - 2016.12.05

Hello December.  It is the festive month of a year where folks gather and celebrate work well done.  On this #HappyMonday, let's rejoice over "Setting New Record Selling Price" in Jefferson, Richmond Hill.  It is definitely a team effort between our wonderfully cooperative sellers and us.  Together, we met the target price and timeline goals! CONGRATULATIONS!

12月了!  又是一年回顧慶祝的月份。 在這個 #開心星期一, 就讓我們和 #列治文山 Jefferson 賣家攜手創出#全街最高價 紀錄慶祝慶祝。 做到這個令人興奮的好成績, 不單需要我們團隊的盡心盡力, 更需要客戶100%信任和緊密合作。 有機會認識這一家友善、合理、工作認真的客戶朋友, 並且可以幫助他們達到目標, 確是我們的幸運。 衷心祝福他們!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.11.29

It is the "birthday / anniversary" season here.  As we wish to grow in wisdom, we have found this #TuesdayQuote.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

May the world have more helping hands.

這一陣子, 我們有好幾個生日和紀念日。 當然希望我們的智慧與日共長; 所以, 特地找了柯德莉夏萍的語錄作為今天 #星期二聯想。

"當你日益成長, 你會察覺明瞭你有「兩隻」手。  一隻是自助的, 而另外一隻是用來幫助有需要的。" 

讓世界更多互助互愛, 更加和暖。

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Jefferson, Richmond Hill - 2016.11.28

Today is #CyberMonday, the Monday following US #Thanksgiving.  

We would like to take the time to thank our terrific #RichmondHill sellers for their total confidence in listing their #Jefferson property.  Together, we achieved #SoldOverAsking price.

May we all face the new work week with renewed energy.  #HappyMonday!

今天是「#網絡星期一」, 即美國感恩節隨後的星期一。

在此, 感謝我們在烈治文山客戶在銷售他們Jefferson物業時的充份合作和信賴, 促使以「#超叫價賣出房子, 可喜可賀!

祝願大家在這新工作週得力。 #開心星期一!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.11.21

It snowed.  The Winter is approaching.  It is part and parcel of Canadian Living.  No need to frown, embrace and find joy in this season (in fact, all seasons and most situations).


“You’ve done it before and you can do it now.  See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” ~ Ralph Marston

落雪了! 冬天將近。  這就是加拿大的生活!  不要愁, 發掘、欣賞、擁抱箇中樂趣。 這不單單是指此季節, 任何境況都可樂觀面對。 #星期二聯想 分享的語錄, 意思: 

"你曾經做到, 現在也可以! 憧憬種種樂觀的結果,把悲憤化成正面、有建設性、不可阻擋的決心。"

Friday, November 18, 2016


* SOLD OUT * New Luxury Custom Townhome   4,100 s.f.,   4🛏   4🛁   2🚗   @ $2,500,000
[ Exclusive Listing ]

"Millionaires' Row" (or Millionaires' Mile") refers to exclusive residential neighbourhoods with highly distinguishable houses of various architectural style.  These homes may include stately homes, mansions, townhouses, esoteric modern structures.

York Mills, alongside with Bridlepath, Lawrence Park, Forest Hill and Rosedale, has been recognized as Millionaires' Row of Toronto.

In less than a year (target occupancy in late 2017),  BAYTREE boutique townhomes will be blended seemlessly into this prestigious community at Bayview Avenue and Baytree Crescent.  Living at BAYTREE means all things essential are near: Highway 404. TTC Subway, Shop At Don Mills, Bayview Village Shopping Centre, some of Toronto's best schools, Granite Club, Rosdale Golf Club, Saint Andrews Park, Winfields Park, Sunnybrook Hospital... etc.

北約克 尊貴千萬豪宅區精雕訂造鎮屋樓花, 20呎闊, 4100呎, 4房 (雙套房), 雙車庫, 書房, 圖書室, 主層10呎樓底, 2樓 9呎天花, 每層有露台, 370呎天台花園,華麗半圓樓梯, 私人升降機直達各層, 可選地庫家庭影院 / 健身室 / 桌球室 / 酒吧, 另外包括酒窖。近401, 地鐵, Shops @ Don Mills, Bayview Village. 

2017年底完成, 最後1單位, 只叫 $250萬, 切勿錯過!

Each BAYREE townhome comes with unparalleledly features and finishes to pamper.

- All brick and cast stone with quality detailing, rooftop elaborations

- Brick wall enclosed front garden yards, wrought-iron front entrance gates, interlocked driveway and extensive landscaping

- Premium quality vinyl, double glazed windows and entrance doors

- Full walkout terraces on 3 levels and 20'x19' roof-top patio


- Soaring 10' ceilings on main level

- 8-1/4" basedboard with 4" casings and backband

- 7"plaster cornice moulding on main & master bedroom /library retreat level

- Choice of granite, marble tiles in front vestibule

- Beautiful 3-1/4" wide plank hardwood in all bedrooms, library, main floor, upper hallways

- Wrought ironed stained or oak picket railings

- Oak or maple staircase


- Premium stainless steel professional-series appliance including a 36" gas range, 42" refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave oven

- Double compartment under-mount stainless steel sink

- Extensive selection of Paris Gallery, European-style custom designed cabinets with tall uppers and valance lighting

- Granite or Silestone countertops with tile backsplash

- Imported basin and elongated, one-piece toilet with matching accessories

- Upgraded Paris Gallery cabinetry with choice of granite or Silestone countertops


- Complete marble or granite ensuite including flooring, shower and countertops

- Walk-our to private master level terrace

- Full height frameless glass shower 

- Deep soak air-jet tub

- Generous walk-in closets

- Customer choice finishing for home theatre, billiards room or home gym

- Built-in wine cellar

- Optional wet bar

Astonishing?  Unit #3 (2636B Bayview Avenue, North York) is still available at $2,500,000.

That is not all!  Baytree by Central Developments deliver more.  For a limited time, we are offering offering  a Pre-Construction Promotion Offer

   Luxury Features and Finishes Include:

    - Cedar-look 35 year warranty designer shingles 

    - 9' and 10' smooth ceilings where applicable, as per plan

    - Premium Waffle ceiling, as per plan

    - Private 2-person elevator to all levels

    - 36” Gas Fireplace with Marble Surround

    - Frameless Glass shower doors & enclosure, as per plan

    - Master Suite bathroom with in-floor heating

    - Single/Double sided Gas Fireplace in Master Suite, as per plan

    - Wolf gas range, Sub-Zero refrigerator & dishwasher

    - Personal encoded intrusion alarm system with camera

    - 200 amp electrical service

   Additional Purchaser’s Incentives

    - Free 10 hours consultation services with Interior designer

    - First Year Common Element Fee included In Purchase Price

CONTACT US for for this priceless opportunity.


- 35 年保證雪松木屋頂板

- 主層10呎樓底, 2/3 9呎天花
- 典雅華夫天花
- 私用雙人升降機
- 36吋大理石火爐
- 無框玻璃花灑
- 主人套浴連地下發熱
- 主人房火爐
- 星級Wolf 煮食氣爐,Sub-Zero雪柜及洗碗碟機
- 連攝錄個人設定警報系統
- 200 amp 電力裝置

- 10小時免費室內設計師諮詢
- 免首年管理費

BAYTREE is the opportunity to seize as ... 

Life is Simply Beautiful at BAYTREE

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.11.15

“Joy is of the will which labours, which overcomes obstacles, which knows triumph.” ~ William Butler Yeats

Friends, Peace and Joy to you and yours. #TuesdayQuote

( photo taken in Paris, France )

愛爾蘭詩人 葉慈: "喜樂是意志: 一個甘願苦幹、一個排除困難、一個懂得凱旋的意志。"

#星期二聯想 祝願各位平安喜樂

Monday, November 14, 2016

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - October 2016

In October, Toronto Area home resale market continued to outperform last year.  Sales increased by 11.5% and the average selling price rose 21.1% from $630,254 of last to $762,975.

十月, 大多倫多住宅重售市場表現繼續優勝過2015年十月: 交易量增 11.5%, 平均售價從去年 $63萬 升21.1% 至 $76萬。

Topline notes:-

* "For the TREB market area as a whole, the largest annual rate of sales growth was in the condominium apartment market segment." - The sales of condos grew by 22% in 12 months.
* "Detached home sales were up by 10 per cent year-over-year, driven predominantly by transactions in the regions surrounding Toronto." - In October, detached house sales in 905-Area was more than TRIPLE of 416-Area (3,411 vs 1,088).
* Year-over-year, detached home price changed by 25.8% and condos increased by 12.5%.
* Although new listings were up slightly, active listings was still 1/3 less than October 2015 - "This meant that seller’s market conditions continued to prevail as buyers of all home types experienced intense competition in the marketplace."

If you are thinking of selling your property in this hot market, we definitely could help.  Contact us.


* 概觀各類型住宅市場, 共管屋苑買賣增幅最為明顯, 今年十月交易比往年同期多22%。

*  十月 905-地區獨立屋買賣是416-地區三倍以上, 帶動獨立屋市場走勢。
* 比較2015年十月, 獨立屋平均價脹 26% 而共管屋苑升 13%。
* 雖然十月新盤略為增加, 但仍然比去年同期少三分之一, 供不應求, 買家主導。

若果希望趁地產熱市高價出售物業, 我們可以幫忙, 馬上跟我們聯絡

Friday, November 11, 2016

Remembrance Day 2016

Peace came with great price and sacrifices.  We ought to cherish.  May there be more respect, empathy and love. 

和平得來不易, 要珍惜。 祝願世界更多和睦友愛。 


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

11 Alpaca Drive, Jefferson, Richmond Hill

* SOLD * Detached House   3,632 s.f.,   4+2🛏   6🛁   6🚗 

Looking for a vibrant middle class neighbourhood that is both convenient and surrounded by natural ambience for your young family?  You must check out our featured 11 Alpaca Drive in Richmond Hill.  

This stunning detached house offers ample scenic space for you and your loved ones : 3,700 s.f. with a 1,700 s.f. professionally finished walk-out basement with backyard back to Laurentian Park, total of 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and parking spaces for 6 vehicles.

It is bright and full of light with 10' main floor ceiling, 20' open-to-above soaring living room, centrally placed builder installed skylight and plenty of windows throughout.  Plenty of thoughtful upgrades, tasteful finishes really set 11 Alpaca Dr. apart.  (See photos below)

What is more?  It is super convenient!  It is a few minutes walk to schools and local strip mall, 3 minute drive away from shopping plaza, supermarket, restaurants and banks.

More than half of the families in Jefferson has school-aged children.  There is extensive school network: high ranking home schools for this outstanding house: Moraine Hills PS ('13-'14 ranked 276th /3037), St. Marguerite d’Youville CES (445th / 3037), Richmond Hill HS (25th /676) and St. Theresa of Lisieux CSS (16th / 676).  As for private school, Holy Trinity School, St. Andrew College, Academy for Gifted Children - PACE are all within 10 minute away.

This is a great place for a family.  Contact us for a private showing.

11 Alpaca Drive, Jefferson, Richmond Hill - Interiors
[MLS# N3656469] "Absolutely Stunning Executive Home Back On Conservation W/Panoramic Ravine & Park View. Loaded W/Upgrades. 10 Ft Ceiling. 3632 Sqft Per Mpac. Family O/L Ravine W/18 Ft Ceiling ,7 Windows & Frplce. Dining W/Smooth Coffered Ceiling. Living Rm W/Bay Window. Professional Finished Bsmt Walk Out To Beautiful Yard. Immense Kitchen W/ Ample Cabinetry & Oversize Island. Hardwd Flr Thru Out And More. Richmond Hill Hs. Close To All Amenities. Must See."

11 Alpaca Drive, Jefferson, Richmond Hill - Exterior and Basement
在為你和家人尋找 #列治文山 年青中產地區,方便又有自然氣息的理想家居?誠意推薦 11 Alpaca Dr.  

這用地 (Lot Size) 55’ X88’, 背對天然保育楓樹林旁有清水塘的 Laurentian Park, 3700呎大宅, 連 1700呎專業完成、直出無敵景觀後園地庫, 共擁6房6衛, 可泊6車, 有足夠地方供悠然生活。

11 Alpaca Dr 除背後已經是公園, 水塘, 步行數分鐘, 已經到達學校、商店。 而且距離央街只需3分鐘車程, 交通方便; 銀行、商場、超市、餐廳、藥房、油站...等等,一應俱全。

學校包括:小學可到 Moraine Hills PS (’13-14 安省3037 中排名 276, 頭9%), 法語 Beynon Fields PS, 天主教 St. Marguerite d’YOUVILLE  (排名 445 / 3037, 頭15%)。  中學選擇分別為:  Richmond Hill 中學 (676間中排名 25位) 和 St. Theresa of Lisieux 天主教中學 (676間中排名 16位)。 有名私立的 Holy Trinity School, St. Andrew College, Academy for Gifted Children - PACE 都只是十數分鐘。

[ 簡介 ] JEFFERSON 烈治文山優質Jefferson Richmond Hill中學社區, 3700呎大宅, 背對天然保育楓樹林, 清水塘,公園, 18呎高樓底堂皇大廳, 主層10呎天花, 特大窗戶俯看周邊美景, 2主人套房,2半套房, 全新裝修、專業完全地庫, 直出無敵景觀後園。 獨特絕配環境, 華麗氣派家居, 難求。

[MLS# N3656469

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.11.08

Today is US Election Day.  There will be a new President and a new chapter.  It is exciting and yet uncertain.  As our #TuesdayQuote suggests, have faith. 

“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore 

( photo taken in Rouge Woods, Richmond Hill )

今天是美國選舉日。 新的總統、新的一頁將快開始, 既不明朗, 亦扣人心弦。 #星期二聯想 建議大家要有信心, 一齊會 OK。

“信心就正如一隻飛鳥, 雖然黎明仍未破曉, 但已經感覺光明。”

Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy Monday / 開心星期一 @ Cathedraltown, Markham - 2016.11.07

First Monday in November, let's uplift our spirit by celebrating for selling this home at the Street #RecordHigh price for a townhouse.  A BIG Congratulations to this wonderful #Cathedraltown seller family.

Would you like to sell your property with the same result? We could help.  Contact us now.  


11月首個星期一, 當然要振奮軍心士氣。恭賀我們 #萬錦 #大教堂鎮 賣家以 #全街新高價 售出他們的鎮屋,實在令人興奮!



Saturday, November 5, 2016

Weekend Open House / 週末開放日 - 2016.11.05-06

The weather is beautiful, sunny and mild!  Just perfect for #homebuyers to shop for their heart desired #properties and for us, #realtors, to showcase quality homes.

天氣真好, 陽光普照, 氣溫和暖, 最適合有意置業朋友出外看看「開放日」。  我們團隊誠意揀選了四間在 #萬錦市 和 #烈治文山 優質靚盤, 開放供大家欣賞選購。 以下是 Google 地圖 和樓盤資料鏈接。 今天明天下午兩點半至四點半見!

This weekend, we are hosting 4 #OpenHouse (s) in Markham & Richmond Hill area.

click for Open Houses Nov.5, 6 Map

Details of these 4 excellent homes with the links below.  However, you ought to see them in person to truly appreciate.  See you at the Open Houses.

11 Alpaca Drive, Jefferson, Richmond Hill
Detached House  3,632 s.f.   4 + 2🛏   6🛁   6🚗

11 Terracotta Crescent, Jefferson, Richmond Hill
Detached House  ~2,700 s.f.   4🛏   4🛁   6🚗

30 Kindy Street, Wismer, Markham
Detached ~2,800 s.f.   4🛏   5🛁   6🚗

377 Roy Rainey Avenue, Wismer, Markham
Link House   ~1,900 s.f.   3 + 1🛏   4🛁   3🚗

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday Quotation / 星期二聯想 - 2016.11.01

To fulfill the wish of our birthday boy, we took a few days off from our busy schedules to celebrate a special date in Paris.  We eat, drink, rest and dream - which is very important for all of us, young or not-so-young - to extend ourselves further and to reach new milestones.

( photo taken at Paris, France )

"There is nothing like a dream to create the future." ~ Victor Hugo

呀丁牛一要求攜同小兒一家出國渡過,那,我們一起偷閑到法國巴黎吃喝、歇息、睡一覺好。感恩非常。星期二聯想特意提醒繁忙的大家:要「動 」,也需「靜」; 才可創新里程。


Saturday, October 29, 2016

11 Terracotta Crescent, Jefferson, Richmond Hill

* SOLD * Detached House ~2,700 sq.ft.,   4🛏   4🛁   6🚗 

You cannot get more central than Yonge Street, where major developments take hold and propagate.  

11 Terracotta Crescent in Jefferson, Richmond Hill sits a little north west of Yonge and Gamble.  It is 3 minute away from shopping plaza and public transport while it enjoys Saigeon Trail in the background, parks and many golf courses nearby.   Richmond Hill HS (#25 / 676) and St. Theresa of Lisieux (#16 / 676) are home schools.   

While the average selling price of a Richmond Hill detached house was $1.6M in September, 11 Terracotta Cres. is only asking for $1,239,900.  

This is an amazing place!  Act fast!  Visit our Open House or contact us for a private showing.
11 Terracotta Crescent, Jefferson, Richmond Hill - Interiors

[MLS N3642776"Gorgeous Detached 4 Bed 4 Bath On A Quiet Street Approx 2700 sqft. loaded W. upgrades and features. Beautiful Hardwood Thru out, oak staircase with iron wrought,. Main Flr, 9 ceiling, Prof. Renovated Kitchen W. Quartz counter, backsplash, stainless appli. valance lights. Breakfast area walk out to custom deck. . Kitchen Opens To Family Rm W. Gas Fireplace. Spacious Master W. his & her closet & Ensuite, 2nd Bedrm Has Own Ensuite, Richmond hill high school zone. Must see."

11 Terracotta Crescent, Jefferson, Richmond Hill - Exterior & Location

「央街」確實是多倫多和約克地區從東到西的中界線, 所以很多大型基建發展都由「央街」起橫向發展

推介中在#列治文山 的 11 Terracotta Cres. 位處 Yonge 夾 Gamble (即 19街) 的西北。 三分鐘內, 可達商場、超市、銀行和巴士站。同時, 背靠Saigeon Trail 自然徑 以及近多個公園和哥球場, 盡享天然環境。  區內 Richmond Hill 中學 和 St. Theresa of Lisieux 天主教中學分別排名 安省 第25和第16名 (總數 676間), 最適合有在學中孩子的家庭。  當九月份烈治文山錄得獨立屋平均售價為 $160萬時, 此房只叫價 $123萬9, 十分超值, 可謂千載難逢置業好機會。

[ 簡介 ] JEFFERSON 烈治文山市高升值地段,Richmond Hill HS 名校區烈, 獨立屋4房4衞雙車房(共泊6車), 近2700呎, 實木地板,9呎樓底,間隔開揚, 時尚設計,3分鐘到購物廣場、公園、車站,非常方便, 附近 Saigeon Trail 自然徑, 環境優雅, 空氣清新。 旺中帶靜, 家庭理想居所。 

Friday, October 28, 2016

377 Roy Rainey Avenue, Wismer, Markham

Link House   ~1,900 s.f.   3+1🛏   4🛁   3🚗 

According to TREB September data, the average selling price of a Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Markham home was $755,755 and $957,760, respectively.   Finding a low-rise home in a highly sought-after Markham neighbourhood would cost a fortune.

If you are looking for great value home, we have good news!  Check out 377 Roy Rainey Avenue. It is a 3+1 bedroom link house (connected merely by a garage wall) on a premium lot with beautiful landscaping and interlocking.  The basement is professionally finished with a separated entrance, a kitchen and a bedroom, offering plenty of potential.

377 Roy Rainey Avenue is located within the very Wismer Commons (Wismer) community. In addition to easy access to all amenities, Wismer has an impressive school network, for examples: John McCrae Primary School (ranked 63rd / 3037) and Bur Oak Secondary School (ranked 10th / 656).  It is a great home for a young family.

For more details, contact us.

377 Roy Rainey Avenue, Wismer, Markham - Interiors

[ MLS # N3642879 ] "Stunning Almost Detached House Linked By Garage On Premium Lot.Appro.1900Sqft W 3 Plus1 Great Size Bdrm 4Bath.Loaded W Reno&Upgrades.Main Flr 9""Ft Ceiling.Hardwd Flr Thruout, Beautiful Landscape And Interlocking At Front And Back Yard. Large Deck. Porch Veranda. Grand Master Bdrm W 4Pcs Ensuite, W/I Closet . New Prof. Finish Bsmt W I Bed Rm, Kitchen Full Bath.Steps To Top Rank Schools John Mccrae&Bur Oak Ss&Parks&Transit.Move-In Condition **** EXTRAS **** S/S Appliances 2 Fridges, 2 Stoves, 2 Mircowave Range Hood & 1Built-In Dishwasher. California Shutter Thru Out, Front Load Washer & Dryer, Gar. Dr. Opener. Parks 3 Cars. Separate Entry Thru Garage. Centre Vacuum. Exclude Master Chandelier"

根據 TREB 九月份數據, 大多倫多 和 萬錦樓房平均銷售價分別為 $76萬 及 $96萬。 要找一間位處萬錦 「搶手」區域的屋, 價值不菲。

若閣下正尋找「開心價」樓盤, 我們有好消息!  答案可能就是在 Wismer社區的 377 Roy Rainey Avenue

[簡介] 萬錦市 3大房4衞 Link 屋, 9呎主層,多窗光猛明亮,間隔實用, 全屋實木地板,橡木樓梯,加州窗簾。升級廚房,不鏽鋼家電,大理石枱面, 專業完成土庫連廚房分門, 步行公園,
公車 及 名校 John McCrae 小學 (安省3037間排名63) Bur Oak 中學 (安省656間排名10) 地點有利,配套齊備,適合年青家庭。