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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Toronto Area Home Resale Market - August 2015

In August, Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) MLS recorded 7,998 sales in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) real estate market.  This represented a 5.7% increase from August 2014.  The average selling price was $602,607, grew more than 10% from $546,482 a year ago.

- The average selling prices of a detached house were $1,017,652 and $733,577 in "416" and "905" areas, respectively. 

- Sales of all home types grew year-over-year. Detached, semi-detached and condos in "905" area contributed most of the growth. 

- Although there were more new listings this August.  the active listing was still 10.5% less than last year level.


獨立屋平均售價:416區=$101萬8 ; 905區=$74萬4

- 對比2014年8月,所有屋種均有提升。905區的獨立屋、半獨立屋及公寓是主要增長來源。

- 雖然8月有較多的新售盤,但活躍售盤仍比上年少10.5%。

"A record year for home sales continued to unfold in August as competition between buyers extend upward pressure on selling prices..." said TREB's Jason Mercer.

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