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Friday, August 7, 2015

Featured Real Estate Opportunities 2015.08.07

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) real estate continues to be hot throughout the summer with very tight supply.  The interest rate cut, more affordable mortgage cost and lower Canadian Dollar help to promote the market.  Thinking to building / preserve wealth through real properties?  Here are some of our featured GTA homes.

Or considering taking advantage of the vibrant market to sell your property?  Contact us for a free, no obligation estimate.

熱浪迫人, ‪多倫多‬地帶‎地產‬市道同樣熱熾。 " 央行減息,按揭息降,加元跌,利[上車],置業可保值。"  以下我們其中一些介紹樓盤。在這幾星期內, 我們成功替好幾個家庭買到理想居所。 有意入市購買物業自住或投資, 請聯絡, 我們樂意效勞。


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