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Monday, May 11, 2015

What Our Client Says (客戶推薦) - Tomas


- Seller of a Wismer Property in Markham
- Buyer of a Stouffville home

What Our Clients Say (客戶推薦) ...

Tomas:  I am happy to have this opportunity to share our home purchase and sale expeience.  Firstly, thank Fanny for her tremendous help.

Tomas: We didn't know Fanny beforehand.  The purchase of this home and sale of our property just happened.  It seemed that everything aligned.  I just happened to drive by here.  My friend knew Fanny and understood that this was her listing.  I called and found out that this property was out of our budget.  However, she helped a lot.  We ended up buying this place.

Tomas: After buying this home. we needed to sell our previous home.  Amazingly, within 3 days, we sold our old home.  You may find a new home purchase and a home sale in 2 weeks somewhat unbelievable.  We truly thank Fanny as she facilitated a lot throughout the process.   She is an experienced agent.  She is professional.  In the buying process, she understood our limitations and also recognized Seller's needs.  She did everything she could to bring us together.

Tomas: Although we sold our place in 3 days.  It took a lot to make this happened.  For example, Fanny and Karl spent 1-2 days to help stage our home.  As a result, a comfortable home become even more comfortable.  This might perhaps be the reason it was sold so fast and so well. 

Tomas: The entire experience was not a coincidence.  Thanks Fanny for her helpful advices and professional approach during the listing process.  When we sold our place, it was sold over asking.  It was sold over asking by a lot.  She did not lose composure, she did not brag about the great selling price.  She was calm and professional.  She spotted areas in the agreement that might be problematic.  She took care of them.  We are, of course, happy of selling at a high price.  We are more pleased with Fanny seasoned handling.  We felt comfortable the whole time.

Tomas: Lets say, if you are to buy or to sell, you should look Fanny up.  I cannot guarantee that you will buy at a price you are most pleased with or sell very as quickly as my case (in 3 days).  However, one thing I am sure.  If you work with Fanny, when all are settled and done, you would be like me, knowing that we have found the right person becuase Fanny is really good.  Therefore, I strongly recommend Fanny as your agent.  You will be satisfied.  

Tomas:  OK, 今次好開心有個機會同大家分享今次買屋賣屋的經驗。首先,好多謝 Fanny 這個過程幫助很多。

Tomas: 其實我之前不認識 Fanny。今次買屋同賣屋中間是一個很遇然丶很天時地利人和之下拼合一件事情出現, 很高興她幫了我們很多。其實我偶然經過這裏,我朋友認識Fanny,她這邊有間單位想賣,便打電話給她,談過後發覺 Budget 不合,但她好幫手,最買下這處。

Tomas: 跟著買了這裏之後,賣屋時,很有趣,在天時地利人和下,在三日就賣了房子。你聽過後,從買屋到賣屋只兩星期,好像一些神奇的事情出現。但我要好多謝 Fanny,其實在其中裏面,她幫了很多。她給我的感覺,她是一個很有經驗的 Agent。她給我的感覺,她很Professional。在買屋時,她很了解我的限制,亦很知賣家的需要,但她很努力在中間作這調和作用。

Tomas: 去到賣屋時,雖然話說在3天賣了間屋,但很多時需要天時地利人和來配合 -- 其實Fanny 和 Karl 在賣屋前用了一至兩日時間幫我把全屋佈置。把一間我感舒服的屋佈置成一間更加舒服的屋,所以可能是這原因,可以賣出。

Tomas: 整個過程給我看見不是一個遇然的機會,要多謝 Fanny 在中間給予好好意見,亦有一個很 Professional 的方法給我完成買賣過程。尤其是在賣屋時,我是 Sold Over Asking, 而且 Over Asking 很多!Fanny 給我一個很強的感覺,她不會因為賣得好價錢而樂極忘型丶炫耀自己叻,反而整個過程很 Professional, 很鎮靜地發覺在買賣合約裏某些位置丶某地方不是那麼理想,所以叫我們不要過早開心,要先解決合約事宜,以免之後出現問題。賣得貴價錢,固然開心,但更開心是 Fanny 的 Professional 手法,令我在整過程中很放心。

Tomas: 所以可這樣説,如果你有機會買屋賣屋時,你不妨找 Fanny。我不敢強調丶不敢保證你買屋時價錢很稱心,賣屋時很快(像我在3天賣掉),但有一樣我可以好肯定的是:當你找Fanny,當完成所有階段時,你和我都有一個相同的感覺--你沒找錯人,因為 Fanny 真是好好。所以我極力推介,如果你有機會,找Fanny幫手,我相信你會找到個很滿意的Agent.

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