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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

$4000 為房屋扮靚成交價高$20萬 ($4k Staging Fetched Extra $200k in Sale)

We believe in marketing.  We believe in packaging.  It is one of the reasons why we have been offering our seller clients with some staging (宅妝) advices, suggestions and, a lot of times, services.  As representatives of our sellers, we would do what it take to help selling the property faster and for more.  

Thanks to Ming Pao (明報) for an opportunity to share our hand-on experiences and approach to staging on their April 16th Property Goldpage (地產金頁): "$4000 為房屋扮靚成交價高$20萬".  We are flattered to be interviewed alongside with the full time professional staging company.

我們一貫相信市場推廣丶包裝丶宅妝。所以,多年來,我們都為 ‪#‎賣家‬ ‪#‎客戶‬提供 ‪#‎Staging‬ 見議以及援手,為求賣得快丶賣得好價。多謝 ‪#‎明報‬ 在 上月中 ‪#‎地產‬ 金頁訪問 :「$4000為房屋扮靚成交價高$20萬」;讓我們共專業宅妝公司一起分享一點經驗丶見解。

Here is the article (courtesy of Ming Pao).  Hope you will find it helpful.

(轉載: 明報地產金頁 April 16, 2015 "金頁專題"專欄)

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