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Thursday, June 19, 2014

夾錢買樓賺錢心法 (Real Estate Joint Investment)

Houses in Toronto Area are getting expensive.  For many, properties are becoming increasing difficult to invest solo?  On May 24th Ming Pao Saturday Weekly, journalist Jacqueline wrote a cover story: 「夾錢買樓賺錢心法(Real Estate Joint Investment).   She looked into a trend where folks are joining force (resources) to partake in the steadily growing real estate market.


Like always, I am very grateful to Ming Pao for the opportunity to participate and share.  Here we scanned a copy for those who missed this insightful article.  Enjoy.

(轉載: 明報星期六周刊 May 24, 2014 "封面故事: 加國時事', 採訪: 蘇芷茵 )
( click to enlarge )

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