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Monday, April 14, 2014

What Our Clients Say - Karen & Billy, Sellers of a Cathedraltown Home


- Sellers of a Cathedraltown Home

What Our Clients Say (推薦) ...
TheTeam: How do you get to know Fanny & TheTeam?
Karen: I got to know Fanny by seeing a lot of her "For Sale" signs around my neighbourhood.  And I see that she does Open Houses almost every weekend in the neighbourhood.  I walked into a few of her Open Houses.  That is how I got to know her.
TheTeam: What are your criteria in selecting listing agents?
Karen: Okay... one of the few things I look for in real estate agents is to make sure they are very social.  I found that sometimes when you walk into Open House, the agents there are very rude and they don't talk to you.  I walked into a few of Fanny's Open Houses - even though I know I am not going to purchase the house and I think she probably know that I am not purchasing the house - she still is very willing to give me a lot of information, give me a lot of education.  She is just a very friendly person in general. This is what I look for - when you look for services, especially in real estate: trying to sell your home.
TheTeam: How was it like working with Fanny & TheTeam?
Karen: The whole process - with Fanny - went very smoothly.  How I came to get Fanny to help me sell my home quickly is that I was trying to sell our home on our own. It didn't really work out very well.  So, I quickly found Fanny because I remembered her vividly through the Open Houses.  We had a meeting.  And then she educated me as to what her services are, what she would do in terms of trying to sell our house.  Yes, I just let her deal with it.  She and her team took care of it very well.  She constantly gives me updates as to where are at because she knows that I will be moving out in about 2, 3 weeks.  She just keeps me in the loop all the time.
TheTeam: Do you have any more thoughts and advice to share with our audience?
Karen: I would say that Fanny and her team has been a very good group to help us out in the whole process.  Through her education, she not only wants to try to sell your home, she would educate the buyer, she would also educate the seller as to different areas, what to look for in a home.  With all her social media - I am a very social media person - I see her putting different posts on Facebook, twitter and all that.  I found that very helpful.  Yes, if you need an agent, make sure you find Fanny, Karl and TheTeam.
TheTeam: Thanks a lot and wish you the very best.
Karen: Thank you. 

What's more ...
The only reason why Karen, Billy and Bowie (their cat) left their stylish and comfortable Cathedraltown home was the promotion/relocation to Calgary.

It never cease to amaze us that how creative Karen and Billy are.  They constantly have DIY projects running in the household.  Now, there is YAMS Kitchen where they prepare various cuisines from the start.  We can't wait to meet, wine and dine with them again.

Until then, take care.

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