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Saturday, March 15, 2014

What Our Clients Say (客戶推薦) - Calvin


- Engineer
- Seller of a Downtown Markham Property
- Property Investor
- Cathedraltown Resident

What Our Clients Say (客戶推薦) ...

TheTeam:  Hello Calvin, thank you wishing to provide us with your testimonial.  Could you share how you get to know Fanny and appoint her as your agent?
Calvin:  We met Fanny at her office.  She was introducing us to a development project.  She did a good job presenting the project. She was professional, detailed and able to address questions that our family had.  However, we did not go ahead with that property.  Coincidently, my brother wanted to list his home a couple of weeks later.  I introduced him to Fanny.  My brother later told me that Fanny had provided them with many advices to prepare their home for listing.  Subsequently, they sold their place for a higher price.  So when I need sell my home, I contacted Fanny.
TheTeam:  How was it working with Fanny?
Calvin:  Very smoothly.  We were busy packing and preparing for the move.  We let Fanny handle almost everything about selling the property.  It went well.
TheTeam:  When you invest in next properties or move again, would you consider appointing Fanny again?  Refer her to others?
Calvin:  In fact, I already did ask her to source a property.  She has means to get what we are looking for.  Like I said, I introduced her to my brother family.  They are currently working on another project.
TheTeam:  Calvin, we appreciate your support.  Thank you very much.
Calvin:  Thank you. 

TheTeam:  Hello Calvin, 首先謝你願意同做這testimonial.  希望你和大家分享怎樣認識Fanny, 同時找她作你們的agent?
Calvin:  OK, 我記得第一次見Fanny 是在她的office, 她給我們介紹一個新的樓盤項目 當時覺得她present那個Project很好丶很Professional很Detailed; 解答我們全家人的問題。那次,我們ended up 買不成 湊巧地我弟弟在兩三個星期後,放賣他的屋子,我介紹Fanny給他認識。之後,弟弟的feedback: 她給他們很多ideas去improve房子,才放出market賣, 為求賣得好價格。之後,當我賣樓時, 也找她幫忙。
TheTeam:  Calvin , 你們和Fanny合作如何?
Calvin:  跟Fanny合作得非常順利。當時因為我們忙着搬家,我們信賴Fanny 去辦理所有賣樓事情。屋子順利賣出。
TheTeam:  如果有機會繼續投資或換樓,會否考慮再僱用Fanny、推薦她?
Calvin:  已經再找她密識一個物業。她有很多方法幫我拿到那項目。同時,我已經給Fanny介紹弟弟家,他們正在有其他合作中.
TheTeam:  Calvin, 多謝你們的支持,thank you very much.
Calvin:  Thank you.

What's more ...
Calvin and his brother have sharp eyes for good property investment opportunities. They are also very entrepreneurial. Recently, in their spare time, they started a successful sporting good store.  During 9 -5, Calvin is a very specialized engineer for the city.

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