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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What Our Clients Say (客戶推薦) - Adrianne & Herbert

Herbert   and    Adrianne

- Banking and Promotion Professionals
- Seller of a Downtown Markham Condo       

What Our Clients Say (客戶推薦) ...

TheTeam:   Hello Herbet, first of all, thank you for willing to provide us this testimonial.  We understand that you recently had Fanny to list your property, could you share with us how it went?
Herbert:   Yes, we met Fanny in one of her Open House.  We didn't know her but she thoroughly walked us through the details and features of the property.  She was really friendly and we got along well.
Herbert:   Later, we decided to sell a property.  We emailed Fanny.  She promptly replied: "OK, I will be there and assess your property."  We left everything to Fanny to take care: pricing , marketing and listing.  Within about 3 weeks, she sold my apartment.
Herbert:  She is really responsible.  The deal was done at 2 am.  That night, she arrived at midnight and went through the process before the offer presentation.  By 2am, all done.  We OK'ed with the price.  We were happy with Fanny's representation.  Since then, we became friends.  And now, we are doing this testimonial.  Good Luck, Fanny.
TheTeam:   Would you recommend Fanny?
Herbert:   Of course! I plan to ask my mom, friends, brothers and sisters to call her.
TheTeam:   OK!  Thank you Herbert.  We have it on the record, haha.  Thanks a lot, bye.
Herbert:  Bye bye.

TheTeam:  Hello Herbert, 首先多謝你願意跟我們作這testimonial 知道近來找Fanny替你放樓,可否同大家分享如何認識 Fanny、過中過程及感受?

Herbert:  是,最初在 walk-in 看樓時機緣巧合地遇到 Fanny。 初時不認識她,但她很有交帶 詳盡講解房子的  details 和 features。 我們覺得她很好傾。  
Herbert:  之後,我們打算放樓,我們email她,她馬上回覆說: "好,我立即上來給你們作assessment。之後,全盤交給Fanny放上綱、定價、介紹features。 前後大概三星期,她替我賣了我的apartment。 她十分交帶,因為成交時間是凌晨兩點!當晚她十二時來到,幫我們解釋整個流程,ended up 兩點鐘,全部辨妥,價錢都好OK,我對Fanny表現非常滿意。因此之後,我們交了朋友,以及作這testimonial.  Fanny, good luck.
TheTeam: OK,如果有朋友或再有機會,會否再找  Fanny?
Herbert: Oh! 一定會,我打算叫我媽媽、朋友、兄弟姊妹全都找她。
TheTeam: OK, thank you Herbert, 我們現在記錄在案,haha.  Thanks a lot. Bye.
Herbert:  Bye bye.

What's more
As one meets with Adrianne and Herbert, one could rather  immediately sense their positive, fun-loving and good-hearted energy.  They are such a pair!

The past few months had been really jam-packed for Adrianne and Herbert.  They found a new home, sold the apartment and traveled through Bali, Hong Kong and a number of Japanese cities.  They got a lot done.

When they are off their intense work schedule (at the bank and promotion prodcts company), they enjoy go about to tasting fine cuisines, searching for neat products, hanging out with friends and perhaps singing a tune.  

All of us here at wish this very happy and fun couple the very best.  Can't wait to see them again.  

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