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Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Our Customers Say - Dave, a Markham Home Buyer

The Plant Manager of An Award Winning Brewery
Purchased his Markham Home through Us

What Our Customers Say...

Dave:I first got to know Fanny when I first started looking for a house - looking through neighbourhoods of Markham on my own, just taking a look what houses look like, what neighbourhoods look like.  And as I went around, I kept seeing Fanny Lee on these street, house signs: houses were on sale.  Saw Fanny Lee on so many different signs, I thought: "here is someone obviously knows the neighbourhood; engages in the neighbourhood; probably getting referrals; probably getting repeated business.  If she gets so many signs, she probably is a good person to contact in this area."

Dave: So I contacted Fanny.  We shortly went out and looked at some houses.  Very very quickly Fanny learned what my likes and dislikes were.  The first time we went out, we probably didn't see anything that I liked.  But as I pointed out things, she learned very quickly.  We started very quickly, after that, looking at places that really were intriguing for me.  I found the house I wanted, the house that we are filming this in now within 2 weeks after that.  Very very responsive and she really learned from you, and listened to what you have to say about what you liked and what you've seen.

Dave: Having chosen which house I wanted to buy, the next thing I learned about Fanny was she is an outstanding negotiator.  We found this house and talked to Fanny about what I wanted to pay for; about what I wanted to come out as the first bid.  No pressure from Fanny on "maybe you should bid higher" or something likes that.  Together we worked a strategy to get the price I wanted.  She learned a lot about the seller by talking at length with the vending real estate agent; learned a lot about what what were motivating them; what they wanted to do; when they bought another house.  So she knew some of the buttons, the hot buttons to push when it came the point of negotiating and we ended up getting the house for the price, basically the price I wanted to pay.  And probably one of best percentage of listed, from a buyer's standpoint at least, that have been sold in the area over the last year.  We did very well.

Dave:  Having bought the house, the next thing I learned about Fanny is that she just didn't just disappear when the house sale happened.  She is there for after service.  She recommended home inspectors, referrals for movers, for lawyers if I needed.  Anything I wanted to know about setting up utilities, anything about the neighbourhood... I have been in this house now for a month... I still feel open if I need some information, if there is something I need to know and I think Fanny can tell me that I have no problem sending her an email.  I know she will respond very quickly.  She really loves to keep in touch.  She really loves to give the after service.

Dave:  In summary, whether you are a seller or buyer, highly recommend Fanny Lee.  She is  hardworking, very thorough, listens to her customers.  I am sure you will do very very well if she is your agent.  Thank you for listening.

What's more...
As you all know now, Dave manages a prestige brewery in Toronto.  With his training in biochemistry, he knows all the wonderful, magical process in making beverages and food products, too.

In addition, he is a handy man that can make and fix most things within the household.  During our home search, I learned a lot from Dave about precaution on some fixture, ie. jacuzzi.  

Believe it or not, Dave can cook.  We have seen so many delicious looking dishes he created.  One of these days, we would love to try his cooking. 

Dave, thank you for everything.

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