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Monday, June 24, 2013

Live Next to Everything in South Unionville @ 71 Lucien St

* SOLD * An attractive South Unionville 4 bedroom detached is now available for sale.  Stay tuned, contact or connect with us for the first hand information.

Live Next to Everything in South Unionville
@ 71 Lucien St, Markham

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ad: Homes & Assignments: Cathedraltown, Richmond Hill, Rouge, South Unionville, Thornhill, Wismer : 2013.06.20

Summer is here.  The HEAT is on.  (aside: Miami HEAT won the NBA Champion 2013 yesterday).  The Greater Toronto Area real estate market has been very active.  As such, we have updated our advertisement.

Congratulations to our sellers in Cathedraltown and Stouffville.  We sold their beloved properties at good prices.

- 1 Langen Gate, Cardinal Point, Stouffville was sold at 100% of the asking; and
- 89 Staglin Court, Cathedraltown over Seller's asking price.

An attractive 4 bedroom South Unionville detached will be listed soon.  For those who wish to have early bird advantages, email, friend or tweet us. 

Date: June 20, 2013
Publication: Ming Pao Toronto Property Gold Page [明報地產金頁]

活在充滿活力和潛力的 Cathedraltown

Do you recall the chic 89 Staglin Court in Cathedraltown?  Ming Pao Property Goldpage covered this attractive home on June 13rd.  For the convenience of our Chinese readers, we carry the full text underneath.

You could find another Cathedraltown article here.  For additional Cathedraltown information, stories and customer testimonials, visit our Cathedraltown page.

(轉載: 明報地產金頁 June 13, 2013 "金頁‧精彩"專欄)


資料: 恒生地產 Fanny Lee, Karl Wong
Cathedralown 大教堂鎮及鄰近 Victoria Square的發展, 引入大量置業人仕及加速區內發展迅。事實上這社區有多個特和優由於項目具備一個整體完善的設計藍圖,內型型種種房屋,同樣發放歐陸風情, 寧靜綠化, 是個令人嚮往的居住環境。同時地,Cathedralown 大教堂鎮具備各種生活的便利: 到傍邊的404高速公路只需可5分鐘; 店鋪,食肆全集中於南邊商場 (減少非區內車輛);在大教堂後有上居下鋪的Cathedral High Street快將落成; Sir John A Mcdonald PS 和 Sir Wildfried Laurier PS (French Immersion)位於社區中央方便小朋友家長。區內寧靜, 安全,上有多個公園, 小河, 傍晚時不少居民在慢跑,散步, 放狗或一家大小在附近走走看看, 享受其休閒, 及天然的環境。新搬進的居民多為較年輕家庭, 懂得全活, 有品味,有好的經濟基礎。不小Cathedraltown居民對家屋裝修及佈置都十分認真和講究, 無論在選材料或且顏色配襯的眼光和 矚覺可與專業設計師相比。
在多個區內放盤的房屋中, 筆者挑選了一間, 較特出,有代表性的房屋, 受年輕家庭歡迎的一個1,800呎, 3房3衛配備大量昇級, 高級裝修的鎮屋,跟讀者分享。在屋前新置玻璃大門, 給來訪的親友眼前一亮。門廳寬闊亮麗, 有足夠的地方讓人家邊穿鞋, 邊聊天。往前看便被屋內新穎美綸美奐的裝飾所吸引。廚房選用深木色的廚櫃, 高級不鋼銹電器, 配加長的凱撒石檯面, 時尚牆磚,特大的不銹鋼昇盤, 在此一展廚藝必然是一賞心樂事。客廳有個高高的火爐令屋內増添更多家的溫暖。火爐兩邊是大窗能使屋內光線充足, 掛著特式的窗簾襯托廳內高格調佈置及傢俬。飯廳牆身用銀色高雅牆紙-是時尚設計加上古典圖紋構思,是不少室內設計師所採用的流行義念。主人精心挑選一些別具式,精緻新穎的燈飾,特顯家居高尚的風格。
真正懂得閱讀了解房屋藍圖的置業人仁不多, 能和發展商溝通及更改設計圖的甚少對予有多次買賣物業經驗的屋主, 善於選擇優質建材及悉心佈置外, 更懂看房屋籃圖及提出修改業主願多付錢給發商把原定在二樓的洗衣間搬到地庫, ‧同時把中間的房間由原來約12呎伸長至17呎多, 房內空間大大提升,更添氣派。另一改動是把原來在主人房牆中間的衣櫃入口改在右邊, 使房間更美觀, 更容易擺放傢俬, 現在這位置安放了一部平面電視。這些改動令家居生活更美好, 同時可提昇房子的價值。
大教堂鎮很多的居民不單擁有良好的經濟能力, 愛惜注重家居生活, , 十分願意投資在更佳的裝修,更佳的房屋保養, 這是吸引更多置業者及家庭搬進Cathedraltown的原因, 也是區內的趨勢, 從而幫助增加區內房價升值潛力。

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Our Customers Say - Dave, a Markham Home Buyer

The Plant Manager of An Award Winning Brewery
Purchased his Markham Home through Us

What Our Customers Say...

Dave:I first got to know Fanny when I first started looking for a house - looking through neighbourhoods of Markham on my own, just taking a look what houses look like, what neighbourhoods look like.  And as I went around, I kept seeing Fanny Lee on these street, house signs: houses were on sale.  Saw Fanny Lee on so many different signs, I thought: "here is someone obviously knows the neighbourhood; engages in the neighbourhood; probably getting referrals; probably getting repeated business.  If she gets so many signs, she probably is a good person to contact in this area."

Dave: So I contacted Fanny.  We shortly went out and looked at some houses.  Very very quickly Fanny learned what my likes and dislikes were.  The first time we went out, we probably didn't see anything that I liked.  But as I pointed out things, she learned very quickly.  We started very quickly, after that, looking at places that really were intriguing for me.  I found the house I wanted, the house that we are filming this in now within 2 weeks after that.  Very very responsive and she really learned from you, and listened to what you have to say about what you liked and what you've seen.

Dave: Having chosen which house I wanted to buy, the next thing I learned about Fanny was she is an outstanding negotiator.  We found this house and talked to Fanny about what I wanted to pay for; about what I wanted to come out as the first bid.  No pressure from Fanny on "maybe you should bid higher" or something likes that.  Together we worked a strategy to get the price I wanted.  She learned a lot about the seller by talking at length with the vending real estate agent; learned a lot about what what were motivating them; what they wanted to do; when they bought another house.  So she knew some of the buttons, the hot buttons to push when it came the point of negotiating and we ended up getting the house for the price, basically the price I wanted to pay.  And probably one of best percentage of listed, from a buyer's standpoint at least, that have been sold in the area over the last year.  We did very well.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

生活在 Stouffville 大自然

Stouffville has become increasingly popular for young homeowners. Together with Ming Pao Property Goldpage (MPGP 明報地產金頁), we discussed the attractiveness of this neighbourhood in the article: 生活在 Stouffville 大自然. 
We also showcased the Geranium Homes built 1 Langen Gate. Like always, we are impressed by the professionalism of our Ming Pao colleagues, of whom we had the pleasure to collaborate with.

If you are interested in learning more about 1 Langen Gate or similar properties in this up and coming community, connect with us.

Or, if you intend to list your properties, speak with us and find out how to best approach it.

(轉載: 明報地產金頁 June 6, 2013 "金頁‧精彩"專欄)

 Stouffville 大自然
資料提供: 恒生地產 Fanny Lee, Karl Wong


先說地理環境,Stouffville 市四面環繞著多個哥爾夫球場,公園, 農場, 保育區。環境綠化, 山明水秀,鳥語花香,居民就像是和大白然連在一起。

交通方面,在非繁忙時間駕車,約10分鍾便可達萬錦市,30分鐘便到達多倫多,居民更可在市中心乘撘GO Train 直達多倫多Union Station,此市鎭有不少居民是多市上班族。擁有優美舒適的居住環境,加上房屋價格比較容易負擔,正是Stouffville吸引很多市民搬往這裏的原因。

Stouffville取名於其開荒者 Ambraham Stouffer Stouffville。自1804年起一直只是一個村莊, 直到1971起開始與另一個村莊Whitchurch 聯合成為一個市鎮,統稱為Whitchurch–Stouffville,屬約克地區 (York Region)。2011人口統計數目為 24,886居民,預計2021人口將會倍增至逾55,800人,發展迅速。
新興建的房屋主要是由二個大發展商 Geranium  Home及Fieldgate Homes 所蓋成,由1,200呎鎮屋到逾4,000呎獨立大宅也有, 價錢由30多萬至80逾萬。主要置業以年青家庭為主。

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ad: Homes & Assignments: Aginourt Centre, Catedraltown, Richmond Hill, Rouge, Thornhill, Wismer : 2013.06.06

The market has been active. Since last new ad cycle update,

- we have gained more happy customers at Berzcy Village, Armadale and Agincourt;
- a chic Monarch built 89 Staglin Court in Cathederaltown has been listed;
- the conveniently located 2883 Elgin Mills Rd just became available;
- 10 Parsborough Court with a swimming pool near Rogue River Park is available for sale; &
- surfaced a good commercial and residential property: 2351 Kennedy Rd #115.

For more on these featured homes or other real estate opportunities, do not hesitate to email, friend or tweet us. 

Date: June 6, 2013
Publication: Ming Pao Toronto Property Gold Page [明報地產金頁]

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chic & Comfortable Living @ 89 Staglin Court, Cathedraltown

* SOLD *   Cathedraltown is known for its thorough, modern, urban design, its overall Georgian architecture, its proximity to the highway, and the impressive Cathedral as its landmark and its Greenbelt backdrop.

We have seen many and dealt quite a number of properties in this remarkable neighbourhood.  And yet, 89 Staglin Court is special within it.  Firstly, the owner commissioned Monarch Homes (its developer) to modify the layout to create more living space  on the main and 2nd floors.  As a result, it is a very comfortable environment to live, play and rest.  Secondly, the owner has done a supreme job in picking upgrades and decorating the interior.  It shows as a stylish contemporary model home.  View the following album to get the idea.

( Click to view album )

 [ 簡介 ] 萬錦市 Cathedraltown高尚社區。一年多新 Monarch三房三衞 二層鎮屋。全屋豪華裝修,時尚設計,凱撒石枱面,升級廚房,不銹鋼家電,實木地板,特大房間,光猛明亮。名校區。近商場,超市,404,難求!不可錯過。

This is an exceptional property with an enthusiastic initial reception.  Book a showing now to secure an opportunity to make this home yours.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

紅河谷,溫馨家居 Parsborough Court, Rouge River

Ming Poa Propoerty Goldpage (MPGP 明報地產金頁) of May 30, 2013 covered 10 Parsborough Court in Rouge River in the published story: [ 紅河谷.溫馨家居- Parsborough Court, Rouge River ].  For those readers who do not read Chinese, "紅河谷" is Rouge River Valley and "溫馨家居" means cozy home.  Again, MPGP did a great job in edit and layout.  We are proud to partake.   Without further ado, here is the story. 

If you are interested in seeing 10 Parsborough Court in person, book a showing here.

(轉載: 明報地產金頁 May 30, 2013 "金頁精彩"專欄)   

紅河谷溫馨家居 Parsborough Court, Rouge River
資料: 恒生地產 Fanny Lee, Karl Wong

擁有理想舒適美滿家園是每個人追求的夢想。位於多倫多東邊靠近Rouge River保育區,花草盛開、樹木茂盛, 鳥語花香。若然你是嚮往靠近大自然環境而對居住環境有要求的話,多倫多地產商會 (TREB) 所劃分的地區分佈圖 - E11區,必然是你置業首選。

區內房屋前後園打理井井有絛, 外觀優美, 街道寬闊, 環境綠化, 猶如置身在渡假區般。居民更可步行到Rouge River保育公園, 散步於河流清溪旁的步行徑上, 一邊欣賞大然的境色, 一邊聽聽鳥兒歌唱, 定必令人心鄺神怡, 拋開日常煩擾、是養生減壓的好活動。

Rouge 區內所興建房屋,每一間各具特色,有不少是精心設計的,跟新區的化外觀顯著分别。區內可說每家每戶都很認真保養自己的房子,其中的表表者, 可算是在 10 Parsborugh Court這所房子的主人。屋主對於家居的佈置和保養的認真程度,可從家中的一塵不染, 房子裡每一細節都盡善盡美,整個房屋保養仿如新屋一樣,實屬難求

面積超過2,300平方呎,建築風格具備復式房形的獨立屋。屋內擁有分層的良好空間感, 同時亦擁有二層屋子的美麗外觀。獨立一層半樓底高的家庭廳, 高高的壁爐兩旁配特大窗戶令室內光源份外充足, 一家在內共聚天倫陪感溫暖。

懂得享受生活的屋主, 不但在後園擁有一個多呎長的泳池, 旁邊更種植了不同種類的花草樹木襯托得份外美觀,生氣十足在泳池旁,坐著沙灘椅, 享受陽光, 微風, 清新空氣及花香, 同時亦可欣賞鄰近的林木景致,實爲人生中一大享受。
屋主新裝修的地庫是最佳娛樂室了, 專業的音響系統, 高級投射機加上100寸特大銀幕, 真正的家庭影院及卡拉ok,喜歡照呼朋友的屋主更設備了洒吧, 可容納三、四十個知己良朋, 暢飲談天, 甚至載歌載舞。

這一個房子具備, 極佳居住環境, 一流保養及佈置, 現代化家居設備, 鄰近翠綠, 景色怡仁的Rouge River保育區 ,絕對是理想居所。

最難得的是售價僅叫 $598,000, 實屬一個難能可貴的置業機會。

聯絡/査詢 )


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Live with Peace & Potential @ 1 Langen Gate, Stouffville

* SOLD * Stouffville (Whitchurch-Stouffville) is a town just north of Markham that borders with Richmond Hill, Aurora and Newmarket.   Recently, it has been one of the fastest growing towns in Canada.  The town growth is projected to be at similar pace offering potential and opportunities.

Despite the rapid development, Stouffville's natural beauty will be well preserved under the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Act and Greenbelt Act.
( click to view album )