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Monday, April 15, 2013

Inspection Condition Waiver Expected?!

Ming Pao Saturday Weekly [ 明報星期六週刊 ] continues to cover issues that matter to our daily life in Greater Toronto.  Jacqueline So has kept the readers current on hot topics realted to housing / real estate markets (she cover other areas, too).  Her cover story of April 6 titled: < 名校區樓盤不准買家驗樓 > shared home buyer experiences where inspection condition were expected to be waived when they went after listings in popular communities.

Again, it was a honor to have the opportunity to contribute to Jacqueline's well written and in-depth article.  (read articles that I previously contributed) Recommended.  Here is a scanned one to your ease of reference (click to expand).

Look out for more great pieces coming up on Ming Pao Saturday Weekly, complimentary with Ming Pao Daily on Saturday.

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