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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Our Customers Say - Angel

First Time Home Buyer

What Our Customers Say...


TheTeam: Angel, congratulations on your new purchase.  Heard from Fanny that you are first time home owner.  Could you share with our friends your experience? 
Angel: Confused.  The first time!  We searched through MLS and found many properties that we liked.  Then we shared these with Fanny.  She really put in the effort to find more similar listings - some we found, some we didn't see, some were in the nearby areas.  This gave us a wider range to work with.  She arranged to show us all these properties.  She knew that we couldn't afford some of these or really like some others.  However, she didn't mind to take the time to go and check out those homes with us.  We really appreciated that.

TheTeam: Is the process difficult?  Any tips and advices for those soon-to-be-home-buyers?  
Angel: Actually, there were many things we were unsure about.  Until we found some homes we really liked, we then narrowed down the selection considering the maintenance fee, the mortgage.  Mortgage is something we really didn't know much about.  Fortunately, Fanny has recommended a number of financial professionals.  We contacted them and found the best rate available to us. We thought the entire process was more difficult.  It went smoother - we could just call Fanny or one of her associates whenever we had a question.
Angel: If I need to move or my friends need to buy/sell properties, I definitely will ask Fanny or recommend Fanny because of her superb and thorough services.  We are very satisfied with her. 
TheTeam: Thank you Angel.

(Transcribed in Chinese)
TheTeam: Angel, 恭喜你新屋入伙!聽Fanny講,你今次是首次置業,可否同我們的朋友分享第一次買樓的經過?

Angel: 都好迷惘 - 第一次! 都是在MLS裏找自己喜歡的properties。其實找了很多個,send了給Fanny。Fanny好有心思,她把所有:我有search的、沒search的、在同一區的、都找出來,給我們一個很闊的range去挑選。接著,約了所有的樓盤,和我們一起一間、一間的去看。有些她亦知我們不能afford的、及一些不是我們真正喜歡的,她不介意花時間和我們一間去看,真是非常appreciate。
TheTeam: 整個過程,困難嗎?對於一向租樓住或是與家人住的朋友,有些tips或忠告嗎?
Angel: 其實,個中很多步驟都不大清楚... 直至找到些心怡的properties,從中再㨂選、計算maintenance fee、考慮自己的mortgage。這方面,我真的不懂,幸好Fanny介紹她銀行網絡中認識的很多猛人我們從而contact他們 - 銀行真的很幫忙,找些最優惠利率介紹給我們。整個process,原本我亦覺得複雜,但最終減少很多功 - 因為,不曉的,一個電話查詢,Fanny或她的朋友很快便解答我們的疑難。
Angel: 如果我要換樓,或我的朋友需要買賣物業,我一定會找Fanny,refer她,因為她的服務很好、好「有交帶」,令我非常滿意。
TheTeam: Thank you Angel.

What's more...
Angel and Chris knew other through work - in the logistics field.  

It has been exciting few months for them.  They purchased their new home along the Highway 7 in Markham.  They got married in Korea, where Chris' family lives.  

We are very happy for them.  Congratulations!

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